Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When did I ask you to judge me?

I choose not to judge you because I am not fully aware of your experience nor do I understand the undertakings of your soul and what lessons you seek to learn in this lifetime. Far be it for me to judge that which I have no knowledge of. Rather I choose to accept you just exactly as I find you and honor your journey. I know what you do is perfectly right for you. It may not be in alignment with my truth but certainly it is yours. I respect and honor that. I wish you well no matter your path.

Each and every person is unique unto themselves. There is no perfection to achieve but rather, and more importantly, the task of simply being authentic. From the moment of birth, we are told what to think and say, how to feel, act, and what to believe. This information comes from our family, loved ones, friends, teachers , acquaintances and the media.
In our efforts to be loved and accepted, we try valiantly to fit in but somewhere along the way, we loose sight of who we truly are.

And the judgement comes to keep us tightly bound in misconception....

Until you embrace who you are and your personal truth, freedom from misconception will never arrive.
Until you take away other people's power to judge you, you will accumulate more ropes and chains that inhibit the beauty of your soul.
Until you understand that their words are meaningless as they can not define your truth, you will continue to listen.
Your spirit will never have the opportunity to soar.

Just for today say " I do not give you permission to judge me"
Just for today , judge no one.
Just for today allow yourself to think , act and feel what is perfectly right for you.
Stand in your truth .
Just for today embrace what makes you unique and be more accepting of it.
Just for today be more accepting of others.

Just for today say " I am not here to live up to your expectations. I am here to live up to MINE.

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