Wednesday, October 5, 2011



Don't even get me started about the price of food and would somebody explain to me please why a lousy can of corned beef is $5 when not so long ago, it was 1.89? The prices of food has risen over 50% and God knows the average American wage has not kept up with inflation. If prices keep going up, eventually even us peasants will not be able to pay. Somebody has to be making money on this somewhere.

At 58 years old, I have seen many decades of American history come and go. I love America and I believe in the greatness of our Nation but sometimes even great nations need reminding of the principles upon which it was founded.

I do not have a degree in finances nor political sciences and there is much about our system that goes beyond my ability to understand but I do know when people are greedy and I do know when a system is unjust and skewed to favor one group of people over another.

"A Government of the People, for the People and by the People " has long been shattered when the only people our elected Representatives listen to is the ones with the most money in their hands. Lobbyists serve big business and the voices of the little people are no longer heard. Bills have been passed that directly have effected your financial well being for the purpose of profiting big business.

Our lawmakers have also passed self serving laws that enable them to walk away from their terms with a paycheck and health care for life. These same lawmakers are responsible for being inept at doing their jobs, unable to be fiscally responsible, unable to cooperate with each other for the good of the nation, out of touch with the average Americans needs, and lets not forget how they used our money to bail out companies that were unethical and irresponsible rather than hold them accountable for their unlawful behavior. These are the same people who dipped into the surplus of your Social Security.

The stock market is manipulated and you are the ones that end up making other people richer as you loose the value of your retirements and your pensions. Because of the greediness of bankers, the mortgage crisis has reduced the value of your homes and caused untold numbers of foreclosures. Unemployment as reported is no where near the truth because many Americans ran out of unemployment benefits and are no longer counted among the unemployed.

And the list goes on and on...
They say "life isn't fair" and I say "why isn't it fair?"

You may wonder what the Wall Street protesters have to do with you.
They are you. They are trying to give you a voice to help make this country great again.
You know you have been effected and you probably have an opinion.
You have two choices.
Be apathetic and do nothing or fight for your rights and join them and let your voice be heard too.

You do not have to go to NYC to protest to show your support. That is not feasible for many of us but don't worry, I suspect, soon enough, there will be a protest in your town .
You can show your support by posting your support on Facebook and Twitter and any other way you can. Get the discussion started with your friends and family and neighbors. Let your opinion be heard and give others the opportunity to share theirs. It is good to know you are not alone.