Friday, October 2, 2009

Raising Children in the World We Live In

How do we, as parents help our children to live in this world? How do we prepare them? How do we teach them to measure success, not by material things, but by becoming the very best that they can be? How do we help our children to realize their authentic self?

One very good way is for us to truly understand our children is to FIRST realize that perhaps we, ourselves, are measuring them by what WE think is important, rather than by WHAT is important to them. We have to be willing to allow them to BE exactly who they are. We can not change them, we simply must discover who they are and nurture them in the process of BEING who they are which, by the way, might be completely opposite of who we are.

And who are they exactly?
And how do we know what is important to them? How do we know at an early age, what their talents and abilities are? How do we know what things might present a problem for our children? How do we understand what truly would make them happy?

You know as a parent, you would give your child anything.
Now children seem to lack for nothing.
It truly is a material world when a kid has a cell phone. Computers, an iPod and a DVD player and the inside of their room looks like a “Toys r Us “ . We worry about their safety and provide them with bicycle helmets and car seats . We send them to dance class and soccer camp and pre-school, all in the attempts to be a good parent to them.
But do we nurture their spirit?
Do we nurture their soul?
Do we teach them to be their authentic self?

Is that not every bit as important as all the rest?
Is that not MORE important than all the rest ?

This is where Numerology comes in.
By now I have done more readings than I can even remember but the one thing that I am consistently told by clients is that they wished they had the information in their Numerology chart at a much younger age as it would have saved them a lot of grief and confusion along the way. They would have had better guidance and made better decisions. They would have had a much better understanding of who they are at an earlier age if they had only known.

Numerology is the guide to your authentic self and what better gift can you give yourself than to understand your Numerology.
What better gift can you give to your child than to take the time to understand their Numerology and use it as a guide to love and nurture their spirit.
Numerology is an incredible tool to assist us in not only understanding our children but also to help prepare them for their chosen destiny in life. By examining their numbers, we can determine their greatest talents and abilities and from knowing them, provide them the necessary tools for self-discovery. We also, through a deeper understanding of our children, are more able to encourage and inspire them to be their authentic selves.

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