Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Your New Year’s Resolution Based Upon Your Personal Year Number

It is a beginning of a New Year and we all make our resolutions to try to better our lives in the upcoming year and my wish for all of you this year is that you resolve to be kinder, more loving and more tolerant of each other but do not forget to be equally kind, loving and tolerant of yourself. Be true to yourself and live your life joyfully by being exactly who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Love yourself with abandon.
Each day, resolve to greet each person you meet with respect and the same love. 
Know we all are on a Divine Journey and our souls have different agendas. By simply allowing, we show the greatest wisdom and love.
As you begin the New Year, I encourage you to spend a little time in thought. Focus on yourself.  Where do you see yourself in the future and how do you get there? What are your dreams and aspirations? It is time to set some goals about what you want to achieve in

2015 but please remember they do not have to be lofty goals. Too often we set ridiculously high goals and become discouraged and give up.  I want you to realize you can arrive at your destination taking one baby step at a time. Try to remember you are not in competition with anyone but yourself and ultimately, life is about being the best version of who you are. 

With all that being said, I will give you some suggestions for your New Year Resolutions based upon Numerology and your Personal Year Number. For those of you unfamiliar with Numerology, it is an ancient Divination tool founded upon the teachings of Pythagoras which uses your Date of Birth and Name at Birth to gain insight into your soul’s journey in this lifetime. If you do not know your Personal Year Number, you are welcome to visit this page which will give you an easy explanation on how to find it.

1 Personal Year: Resolve to be open to new opportunities and be ready to take action when they present themselves. 

2 Personal Year: Resolve to be patient and allow things to evolve. Good things come to those who wait 

3 Personal Year: 
Make your smile your most important accessory this year. Go forth and be creative and express yourself. 

4 Personal Year: 
Your resolution for 2015 should be “I will not procrastinate and I will be more efficient and organized this year.”

5 Personal Year: 
Resolve to step outside of your comfort zone and be more adventurous. Don't be afraid of making changes. 

6 Personal Year: 
Open your heart to give and receive love. Make your loved ones a priority. Know your kindness this year will bring you many blessings. 

7 Personal Year: 
Resolve to make a deeper connection to your soul this year. Meditate and look for insight. If life slows down, embrace it and know it is time to rest and rejuvenate. 

8 Personal Year:
You will receive recognition for your achievements this year but most importantly, take some time to reflect upon your journey that brought you to where you are. Acknowledge the goals you set and the effort it took to achieve them. 

9 Personal Year: 
Resolve not to hold on to negative attachments. Understand that this year represents a letting go of what no longer serves you. 

11 Personal Year:
Pay attention to serendipitous signs and messages and look for insight and guidance when they appear. 

22 Personal Year:
 Resolve to maintain a high degree of focus and discipline this year. Your hard work will pay off in the near future. 

I wish you Abundant Blessings in 2015!~

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and radio personality. She is the author of the highly rated book on Numerology "Speaking to Your Soul Through Numerology" available at http://www.amazon.com/Speaking-Your-Soul-Through-Numerology/dp/1493549618 For more information, or to schedule Alison for an interview, please visit visiblebynumbers/contact. html or email alison [at] visiblebynumbers [dot] com.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

2015 An 8 Universal Year

2015 An 8 Universal Year

The 8 Universal Year begins January 1st, 2015.  When we are discussing the Universal Year, it is important to note that it applies to every country and every person on the planet and will set the tone for our collective experience in 2015.

This 8 Universal Year emphasizes everything having to do with money and it is time to get the world’s financial house in order. The 8 has the potential to make this a very prosperous year for the world economy but the 8 can also represent a Karmic reckoning. Wrongs will be righted under the influence of the 8.  Major companies will be held accountable for any illegal business practices and will pay a hefty price for their behavior which can result in bankruptcies, lower profits and loss of revenue.  Unstable economies will be forced to correct themselves. Japan, Greece, China and European economies are already experiencing difficulties which need to be addressed.  Banking Institutions not built on sound financial practices will fail or have to correct their problems. We can expect major fluctuations in world stock markets. Pay careful attention to the stock markets in the months of May and September 2015.

I liken this year to the old saying “robbing Peter to pay Paul” but this is the year Peter is going to call you out on it. Peter knows you robbed him and wants his money back, is suing you and he has God representing him in court.

 Lower oil prices are good for the economy because everyday people will benefit from lower gas and heating costs. This trend will continue in 2015. On the flip side of that coin, lower oil price cause a crisis for some oil producing countries and also undermines the cost effectiveness of fracking for natural gas in the US which has been an economic boom in recent years. Both can destabilize economies.  I do feel the US economy will show improvement by the end of the year but it will be a bumpy ride getting there because the US economy is directly affected by the world economy.

There will be major competition between big businesses and those in a position of power. The 8 does not have a problem with ego and can sometimes that ego gets over-inflated and goes on a power trip. We will be hearing a lot of bragging and embellishing of actual assets. There will be power struggles. It will be interesting to see how big business vies for even greater profits. There will be emphasis on materialism and luxury items such as expensive real estate and automobiles and I am sure we will hear a great deal about wealthy CEOs and their bonuses. We will see many businesses grow, hear of great success stories and also hear of businesses going bankrupt. It bears repeating again, greed, unethical behavior and lack of good judgment from the past will be dealt with in 2015 and it isn’t going to be pretty for some people and businesses.  2015 also holds the potential for major success stories and economic growth for some so the news is not all bad.

The 8 Universal Year will also show stark contrast between the “haves and the have nots”.  We may be witnessing more protests as everyday people demonstrate their resentment and anger at injustices.  48 million Americans live in poverty and I expect we will hear from them in the upcoming year. There will be protests calling for fair wages and benefits. Walmart do you hear me?  Power will be challenged and in doing so, shed a light upon unethical business practices. The current protests over police brutality will continue because it is a power struggle and there have been injustices in the past.  We can even expect government protests. It is time to right some wrongs in the world and humanity is set to call attention to them.

The current Ebola crisis has not been in the news of late but I expect that will not be the case for 2015. Ebola is an 8 and we are in an 8 Universal Year which brings me to the conclusion that next year is energetically supportive of Ebola. Stocks related to travel such as airlines; hotels, cruise lines and resorts will suffer repercussions economically if this comes to pass. There will also be opportunistic monetary surges in stocks related to hazmat gear and medical supplies used to combat the Ebola outbreak.

With all that being said the 8 is the ultimate problem solver and can find solutions to problems that have been plaguing the world for some time now. Goals will be set for achievements to be attained next year and into the future. The 8 year, although tumultuous, is leading us one step closer to a better world to live in. In order to build a better world, you have to tear down and deconstruct obstacles that stand in your way. This is all part of that process.

On a personal level, you should use the energy of the 8 Universal Year to get your individual financial house in order. Take some time to review your finances. Make sure you are making sound financial decisions and not living beyond your means. Check your credit card statements to make sure there are no fraudulent charges and order a copy of your credit score and review it for accuracy.  You may want to change your passwords online if you have not done so recently.  Set some financial goals for the future such as paying off debt or putting more money in savings or retirement accounts. This is not a time to live beyond your means or make a risky investment but rather, be cautious. Please be careful of fraudulent emails and phone calls asking for money for one reason or another because there will be plenty of them. Do your due diligence to investigate before you act. If you have elderly parents or grandparents who are not internet savvy, you may want to have a talk with them as they are the ones who most often fall prey to con artists.

For even more predictions, please visit my website at www.VisibleByNumbers.com 

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and radio personality. She is the author of the highly rated book on Numerology "Speaking to Your Soul Through Numerology" available at http://www.amazon.com/Speaking-Your-Soul-Through-Numerology/dp/1493549618 For more information, or to schedule Alison for an interview, please visit visiblebynumbers/contact. html or email alison [at] visiblebynumbers [dot] com.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Do Dogs Reincarnate?

I rescued Roxy ( photo on right ) from a puppy mill many years ago. She died of congestive heart failure in 2011. Max was born sometime after that. I can not express in words how my heart never healed from loosing her. She was my devoted and constant companion.

I signed up to receive emails from a Yorkie Rescue group right after Roxy passed and have looked at many dogs over the past few years with the thought of adopting another rescue. I can honestly say, none of them motivated me to fill out the adoption papers. I assumed I was not ready until I saw Max. There was just "something" about him. The next thing I knew, I was adopting him.

He reminds me of her in so many ways. Max was scared but he really enjoyed the ride home the day we picked him up. I remember Roxy did too. Both Roxy and Max had never seen the outside world and something as simple as walking on grass had to be introduced to them. Puppy mill dogs don't play with toys and they do not know what treats are. They have to learn. To them, humans were not kind and I am quite sure they had never been petted in a loving way. When you rescue a puppy mill dog, you have to go slow and build trust. Roxy taught me that and it helped me with Max.

Something as simple as a bath can be traumatic.
Roxy required a lot of grooming. Most Yorkies do. She always seemed to enjoy me fussing over her and allowed me to comb her out and even cut her hair when needed. I was surprised that Max seemed to like it too. He almost fell asleep the first time I groomed him because he was so relaxed. Once again, he reminded me of her. Even the way he looked up at me as if to ask "am I ok?" was exactly what Roxy used to do.

A few nights ago, I had a dream. In the dream I took Roxy to the vet for a check-up. They told me she was sick and they gave her a shot and took her out back for more tests. I got upset when they did not bring her back to me. I remember screaming in agony" Give me back my dog!!!  Give me back my dog!!" over and over again. I was ready to tear the place apart because I was so frantic.

In the dream, I went out back and saw the cages where they kept the dogs. I saw her and scooped her up in my arms. In the few moments afterwards, I was filled with such love for my little girl. I was happy to hold her again and on some level, I knew this was a dream and I knew she had passed. I realized she was visiting me from afar.

 I looked back down at Roxy and her color changed and I then realized I was holding Max. It was at that point, I woke up. I was dumbstruck by the realization of the meaning of the dream.

They did indeed give me back my dog.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Live with the Overachiever in You

Did you know that if you Google “the key to success” you get almost 20 million websites? Every one of them focuses on ambition, money, power and success.

I happen to be one of those people who quit watching Oprah on TV because it was just too exhausting to try to be perfect all the time. I felt besieged on a daily basis to lose weight, eat healthy, be beautiful, make money and have a successful career to the point that my self-esteem began to suffer. There was so much to do to improve myself and so little time in the day! I do credit Oprah for introducing me to Egyptian cotton sheets which are truly worth the extra cost but she did fail to convince me that a Louis Vuitton was worth 40 times the cost of regular piece of luggage. At some point I realized I was good enough, inexpensive luggage and all.

The concept that a house is just a box you keep your “stuff” in resonates with me. The more stuff you have, the bigger your box. The bigger your box, the harder you have to work to keep it and you may end up working so hard that you do not have any time to enjoy all your cool stuff.  After all, how many TVs can you watch or how many cars can you drive at any given time? How does that saying go? All the money in the world cannot make you happy? Being driven by the concept that success equals money and possessions can leave you feeling empty in the end.

Perhaps what you consider to be achievements is the way to approach the overachiever in you. Define what success means to you. When your life is said and done, you cannot take possessions with you. If you have love in your life, emotional well-being, a deep connection to your spiritual side and quality of character, you are very successful. If you take time out of your day to appreciate the little things in life, you are ahead of the game.  Your accomplishments may not change the world but they do make it a better place to live in. If you came to realize what makes you happy in life and spend a great time doing that, you are the most successful of all. Perhaps that is the greatest achievement you can aspire to. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 Predictions Revisited

As 2014 enters the final stretch, it might be a good time to look back at the 2014 Predictions. Can you predict upcoming trends based upon Numerology? You be the judge. Below you will find the 2014 Predictions which were published 12/20/13. You will also find 2014 news headlines which correspond to the predictions. 

I suspect we will have many revelations in 2014 which will bring to light information that was previously secret because the 7 is associated with uncovering the truth about things that are hidden. Could that mean there will be more Edward Snowdens and Wikileaks in the near future?  The answer to that is “more than likely.” We may learn of even more intrusive spying and surveillance that is taking place in our country and around the world. I feel this will create tension and a call for change.
8/5/14 New leaker disclosing U.S. secrets, government concludes
1/27/14 Intrusive Surveillance: Obama Defends NSA Spying on Americans 
1/20/14 Poll: Most Americans now oppose the NSA program 
4/30/14 9 Ways You're Being Spied On Every Day 

The 7 prompts us to question things on a deeper level and to discern what is true and what is not? Could this mean a mass awakening? Is it time to see the true reality of our world? Will we begin to see beyond what we are told to be the truth? I suspect more and more people will begin to question status quo and begin to see a much clearer picture of our world and the deception in it.  Secret societies and institutions that operate behind closed doors and in a secretive manner may be exposed.  Conversations, thought to be private, may find a way to become public knowledge. Caught on camera scenarios, which expose the truth, will be common. Somehow, someway, the truth will surface.

1/11/14 Everything You Need to Know About Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’ Scandal
Ex-Va. governor Robert McDonnell guilty of 11 counts of corruption
Air Force nuke officers caught up in big cheating scandal
President Barack Obama today unveiled what his administration called the biggest reforms to U.S. surveillance programs since he took office.
6/24/14 Hard drive crash leads to harsh exchanges at IRS e-mail hearing
VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle-blower says
Top U.S. diplomat launches f-bomb on EU in leaked recorded conversation
9/11/14 Ex-FBI director to investigate Ray Rice case

The 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers. 2014 is a tremendously important year in regards to evolving our collective consciousness. We have been experiencing a massive expansion into all areas of the metaphysical and that trend will continue in 2014. We have seen spiritual philosophy make its way into the mainstream with television, radio and media. The 7 is considered to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth and that doorway will be pushed wide open next year. Awakened people who tap into that energy will experience a deeper connection to their soul. Spending time in nature, practicing meditation and yoga and approaching your life on a holistic level would be beneficial activities for 2014.  It is a year that emphasizes dreams, messages, psychic phenomenon, wisdom and our connection to the Divine.  People will begin to question “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of life?”, and hopefully will find the answers. Those that work in the metaphysical arena will find an increase in their work as more and more people look for insight and deeper meaning to their lives. I do suggest that you take some time in 2014 to pause from your hectic life and do a little inner reflection. Do not take things at face value, but rather, question something that does not resonate with you. Follow your intuition. One of the greatest gifts of the 7 is a deeper understanding of yourself and the world you live in.

People without a spiritual connection will experience 2014 to be more difficult. It has been said by many in the spiritual field that the energy we are currently experiencing on the planet requires us to evolve in spirit. Those who have been doing the spiritual work will be better equipped to handle the energy of the 7 Universal Year but those who have not will struggle. We may see many more people become mentally unbalanced and unfortunately that will translate into physical acts involving violence. Things look particularly troubling for Washington DC in general but it has more to do with an unbalanced individual rather than an international terrorist. I also am concerned for violence in our schools.  Depression, loneliness, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse is likely to increase.  I strongly encourage you all to keep a watchful eye on any person you might know who has a problem with depression.

8/26/14 As suicide rates rise, awareness needs to follow

1/15/2014 ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — A 12-year-old New Mexico boy used a shotgun to shoot and wound two classmates at his middle school Tuesday morning before a teacher talked him into dropping the weapon and he was taken into custody, officials and witnesses said.
1/13/14 Dad's texting to daughter sparks argument, fatal shooting in movie theater
1/13/14 FBI, Police Search For Suspect In Fatal Road Rage Incident
4/29/14 24 Injured In Stabbing At Franklin Regional High School
6/6/14 1 dead, others hurt in shooting at Seattle Pacific University before student tackles gunman

Police: Gunman who killed 3 Canadian officers captured
 Boy, 12, charged with murder in playground stabbing
Reports: Dozens shot in Chicago over holiday weekend

The 7 has a strong association with knowledge, research and analysis. It may be a breakthrough year for scientists that could lead to the discovery of cures for diseases or other information of great importance in the scientific fields.  The 7 can be trying to the health and we all should embrace getting a little more rest next year. Holistic health may receive recognition for its benefits and more people will seek out a holistic approach to their health issues.  It should be an excellent year for technology and I think we may be blown away by new inventions.  On a personal level, taking a class or workshop or any form of education makes good use of the energy of the 7.

The 7 can be trying to the health is an understatement when looking at the Ebola outbreak and the recent Enterovirus D68 which is sweeping the nation.
7/16/14 12 states confirm Enterovirus D68 cases

Unfortunately, the 7 is also strongly associated with water. The last 7 Universal Year was 2005 which brought us one of the most active hurricane seasons in history. Anything having to do with water like typhoons, super storms, hurricanes and floods will be a concern in 2014. I see this as being especially difficult for cyclones in India. I see California’s weather being influenced by strong storms and flooding on the East Coast. It is going to be a cold snowy winter especially for the west with unusually high accumulations of snow.

Hawaii Threatened By Back-to-Back Tropical Cyclones: Iselle, Then Julio
Roth says a pair of tropical cyclones directly affecting Hawaii in just two to three days' time "is unprecedented in the satellite era."
Big wave surfers to miss out on Hawaii's biggest swell in a decade 40-50 ft waves
Major Flooding Inundates US, Canada Communities This Week
Odile Poised to Bring Catastrophic Flooding to Southwest US
 Throughout the year, if you should find yourself in harm’s way because of a storm or potential flood it would be best to take heed of any warnings.

Storms, whether wind, rain or snow are intensifying. Earthquakes of larger magnitudes will continue.

The 14 that sits within 2014 has a strong association with changes and well as sudden and unexpected events. I have to mention that it also is associated with accidents. I see an unusual amount of accidents for next year. I believe they are focused upon modes of transportation such as trains, planes, boats and automobiles. They also could be related to industrial accidents. 

WEST VIRGINIA..contaminated water SC…radiation in the ground water near nuclear plant

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Missing

7/24/14 Air Algerie plane with 116 on board falls off radar
8/22/14 Report: At least 38 killed after tourist buses crash in Egypt
A South Korean ship with about 450 passengers is sinking off the country's southwestern coast, CNN affiliate YTN reports.
9/12/14 2 Navy jets crash in Pacific
While I am on the subject of industrial accidents, Fukushima is highest on my list of priorities. I encourage you to do some research because the nuclear meltdown disaster at Fukushima in 2011 is still ongoing.  The problem has not been solved. This is not Japan’s problem, it is a world problem. Radiation knows no boundaries. Humanity should be very concerned and it is time to put every ounce of our resources into finding a way to contain the radiation and diffuse this disaster. If not, there can be far reaching ramifications. There is a potential for another strong earthquake in this area for next year. The crippled nuclear plant could not withstand another problem as there is too much to deal with already. As citizens of this planet, it is your obligation to care about Fukushima because after all, if radiation pollutes the planet, it affects us all. It is already happening and it needs to be addressed now.
Because the 7 Universal Year places emphasis on scientific research and discoveries, perhaps pooling our collective scientific intelligence would find answers to the ongoing problems with Fukushima but I also encourage you to pray for Fukushima and discernment for the people handling this situation.

We should keep our eye to the skies in 2014 because I expect we will have many light shows having to do with meteorites. I also anticipate new discoveries in our galaxy, perhaps new comets or asteroids. I think UFO activity will increase as well.

KPIX|Added on September 14, 2014Bay Area residents were puzzled by a streak of light in the night sky. CNN affiliate KPIX has the full story.

News 12 New Jersey|Added on September 15, 2014An apparent fireball lit up the New Jersey skyline. CNN affiliate News 12 New Jersey reports.

Going along with the truth being revealed, I do think we will address the growing trend in police brutality next year. Unfortunately this does need to be brought to light. Somewhere the premise of “innocent until proven guilty” has been lost. More and more we are witnessing police brutality which has more to do with aggression than the law. Cell phones and video cameras act as monitoring devices, recording what previously went unreported. Again, it is difficult to hide the truth under those circumstances and the truth will come to light.  

8/25/14 Kansas Teen with Mental Health Issues Shot and killed by 15-16 Police Officers 

8/11/14 Outrage, unrest erupt after fatal shooting of Missouri teen by police
SPPD: Officer fired for excessive force, attempted cover-up
9/3/14 Officials: Feds planning to launch probe of Ferguson police department

We have seen some unprecedented progress in regards to big business being held accountable for illegal and unethical practices. Major companies such as JP Morgan and Chase have been successfully sued for civilian settlements in the billions of dollars. I feel this trend will continue where the financial world has to be regulated and loopholes that allow for unethical business dealings are closed. All in all, I feel the economy will have gradual improvement, not in leaps and bounds but more like chugging along. The stock market should be status quo up until October of 2014 but October could bring either very positive or very negative news about the economy and world markets. Whatever happens in October 2014 will influence our economy in 2015. Potentially, it could bring a crisis.
Most technology stocks should do very well. Microsoft will have a great year. Amazon is a sure thing.

Microsoft's Q4 2014 earnings show improved revenue, decreasing profits


This has been a big year for Amazon. The company just released its new Fire smartphone, and launched a bunch of other products this year, including a TV streaming box, an unlimited e-book subscription service, and a music-streaming service.

 RIM, or the company that produces Blackberry will have continued problems with their product. JC Penny and Sears and the US Postal Service will not have a good year.
Sales of BlackBerry's Q10 Keyboard Phone Fall Flat
J.C. Penney cutting 2,000 jobs, closing 33 stores

Just to remind you, the 7 is the Universal Year energy and influences the world trend for the year. It will show up in major news headlines. You also have your own Personal Year energy so be sure to visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21NV4Ql56kU for a new video on the Personal Year Number.

Friday, September 5, 2014

When it is Your Time: The Numerology of Joan Rivers and Robin Williams

Just so you know, I did not write this blog to sensationalize the death of Joan Rivers or Robin Williams. They should be remembered as the shining stars they were, for the amazing lives they lead and for the contributions they made to the world of comedy. This article is meant to explore their Numerology and the numbers that were influencing them around the time of their deaths.

Joan Rivers was a 3 Lifepath and there is a long line of great comedians with that number in fact, Robin Williams was born on July 21st (2+1-3). They are in good company with fellow 3s: George Carlin born May 12th (1+2=3), Bill Cosby born July 12th (1+2=3), Rosie O'Donnell born March 21st (2+1=3) and Eddie Murphy born April 3rd.
 People with 3s in their Numerology Chart have a great sense of humor and the gift of expression.

Robin Williams had numbers in his chart that made him extremely vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression. He was a brilliant comedian but also was very sensitive. He was an 11/2 Hearts Desire and a 2 Personality. I am sure he struggled to find balance.

At the time of their deaths, both Joan and Robin's ages added up to the number 9. Joan was 81 and Robin was 63. Both also had the number 9 present as their Essence Number. In Robin's case, all of his Transit Numbers were 9. For those of you not familiar with Numerology, Essence and Transit Numbers come from the letters in our name at birth and they influence our experiences on a year to year basis.
The 9 becomes significant when we understand its meaning. The 9 represents endings and completions and a letting go of something of importance in our life.  It can represent a myriad of all different kinds of endings that happen to all of us in life such as loss of a job, ending a relationship or in some cases, death.When a 9 is present in a person's chart we can not assume it means death, but it is a possibility. When a person dies and 9s are present in their Numerology Chart, you can be reassured that the soul planned their departure from the physical world at that time.
No one can predict death using Numerology because you can never be 100% certain, but when it does happen, usually the signs are there.

In 1974, a book written by Numerologist Kevin Quinn Avery gave advice for when you have double transit numbers in your chart.
O,O transits "prone to heart attack or serious disorders pertaining to the heart"
At the time of her death, Joan Rivers had O,O Transits and the news reported she suffered a cardiac arrest during an elective procedure.
I think that is enough said.

 The ability to make people laugh is a priceless gift. Joan Rivers and Robin Williams were incredibly successful at it. Still, all good things must come to an end. I take comfort in looking at their Numerology Charts and knowing they planned their own  "Exit Stage Right".