Saturday, November 14, 2009

ROXY SPEAKS! Translating Wagging Tails and High Pitched Barks Through an Animal Communicator


After I finished my BBS Radio Show, my guest Vonita Bair called me. She explained to me that during the show, Roxy, my little Yorkie rescue, was trying diligently to speak with her.
Yes, indeed, a normally sleeping and silent Roxy, was sitting beside me during the radio show and barking up a storm. Vonita told me that she had promised Roxy to call me and set up an appointment so Roxy could speak her mind.

The day of the reading arrived and Vonita tuned into Roxy who quickly proclaimed " I have different food than the other dog and MINE tastes better!~" ( Quite true as Roxy dines on some pretty expensive food.) Roxy quickly told Vonita that her Daddy has been busy lately and something has changed. Roxy said Daddy created a bit of chaos in the household. (To validate, my husband was working in Missouri for the past 2 years and has recently finished the job. He is home all the time now and "yes my little Roxy" , he does keep us all hopping. )Roxy was concerned because she said it was her job to be my assistant and not Daddy's. ( not to worry Roxy, your job is safe). Vonita said Roxy had a funny personality and was very easy going which is so VERY true.

I asked Vonita to ask Roxy how her leg was feeling. Vonita had no knowledge of what had transpired over the past year. Roxy said "It was an accident" and she felt very bad because everyone was so upset. Roxy went on to say that the first Doctor was nice but it was the second Doctor who really helped her. Roxy also told Vonita that she had a hard time going to the bathroom because of her cast which she wore for a REALLY LONG TIME.
( My husband accidentally stepped on Roxy and broke her leg. We took her to our regular vet and she wore a cast for 7 weeks but the leg did not heal. She ended up going to an Orthopedic Vet and had surgery, putting in a plate to help her leg heal. Roxy was in a cast for almost 5 months.)
Roxy let me know that her leg gets cold and and I promised to keep Roxy warmer. Not surprisingly, the vet had told us that Roxy would be cold sensitive due to the plate in her leg.

I asked if Roxy was happy here with us and Roxy said YES. We had soft beds and toys and she was very grateful to be part of our family. ( Roxy was rescued from a puppy mill where she was nothing more than a breeder dog with no human love or contact).


Our other dog Pepper wanted to speak too and she immediately exclaimed " I have BIG FEET" . Vonita knew Pepper was trying to say she was much bigger than the other dog.

Pepper told Vonita that her job was to watch the house and everyone in it. Pepper told us she does not like traveling with us and that she gets carsick. ( a fact I know all too well ) Pepper said she would rather stay home and she likes the nice lady who comes in to take care of her. ( we do have a neighbor let Pepper in and out when we have to travel and Pepper likes her very much)

I asked Pepper if she missed Gus. Gus was alive when Pepper came to us but unfortunately he has since passed. Pepper said " No Mommy, I don't miss Gus. He is here all the time!~ Besides we have him in a box on the table!~

STUNNED ..I was simply stunned!~ We have Gus's ashes in a box on our TV stand.

Pepper went on to say " Mommy wasn't he HANDSOME!" ( Yes Pepper Gus was a most handsome dog and we always told him that ).
I have to say that I am leaving quite a few things out but Vonita's reading was nothing short of amazing to me but the best was yet to come.


Vonita told me Gus was there. My beloved Gus who I miss so much.

Gus told me that it was his time to go. He was happy for the time he had with us. Gus then told Vonita he had a special request for my husband and I. He said we could do what we wanted and he would respect our choice.Gus then asked to have his ashes buried with Sam ( my husband) when Sam goes.

This was truly an AMAZING SIGN from Gus. My husband and I had been struggling about where to bury Gus's ashes. We had discussed burying them by the cow pasture out back because Gus loved the cows so much. My husband had just recently said to me , he was not ready yet to remove Gus's ashes from the TV stand and apparently Gus had been listening and was giving us directions as to where he would like to be buried. Unbelievable!~

Vonita Bair is an incredible medium to the spiritual realm and this reading with her served to validate that love never dies, not even in the animal kingdom. Her ability to communicate with my pets was undeniable and I know that I will be a better parent to my "fur-babies" because of her. I also know I will have a greater belief that animals do indeed telepathically communicate to us and all the messages I receive throughout the day from my little girls are indeed their voices speaking to me. It was a wonderful experience and I thank Vonita wholeheartedly for her generosity of spirit and keeping her promise to Roxy that she would arrange a reading if Roxy would only remain quiet for the rest of the radio show.
And Finally..Thank you Gus . Daddy and I love you and miss you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Destiny

Dear Destiny

It is time we had a talk, you and I, to touch bases so to speak. I have been working to achieve you for such a long time now. I was wondering how I am doing and if I am there yet?

I realize long before I took my first step on this Earth, before my first breath, I meticulously planned this journey. I can only imagine the process of creating this life and how you , my Destiny, were determined.

How much time and thought was put into the intricate details? How many other souls gathered to support my endeavor and willingly agreed to play a role in my life to help me achieve you? I realize my soul had an agenda and you, Dearest Destiny, were the final stop.

Upon reflection, I can see the many experiences which served to remind me of who I was. I recall countless events that appeared to be happenstance but served a greater purpose. I have begun to acknowledge the many teachers I met along the way. I now understand that in my moments of greatest adversity, I found my greatest strengths. In my moments of greatest joy, I discovered the beauty of the human heart. It has been quite a journey.

I have come to understand that everything happens for a reason knowing full well that it is part of the plan. I have come to embrace every experience with a newfound perception. What is this teaching me and how is it enhancing my being? Dearest Destiny, I am beginning to wonder if understanding all of this is indeed the final goal.

So I wanted to take a moment and check in with you. I want you to know I have been doing my best. I also wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure working with you and as we continue this journey together, you and I, hand in hand, I look forward to the rest of my creation.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Raising Children in the World We Live In

How do we, as parents help our children to live in this world? How do we prepare them? How do we teach them to measure success, not by material things, but by becoming the very best that they can be? How do we help our children to realize their authentic self?

One very good way is for us to truly understand our children is to FIRST realize that perhaps we, ourselves, are measuring them by what WE think is important, rather than by WHAT is important to them. We have to be willing to allow them to BE exactly who they are. We can not change them, we simply must discover who they are and nurture them in the process of BEING who they are which, by the way, might be completely opposite of who we are.

And who are they exactly?
And how do we know what is important to them? How do we know at an early age, what their talents and abilities are? How do we know what things might present a problem for our children? How do we understand what truly would make them happy?

You know as a parent, you would give your child anything.
Now children seem to lack for nothing.
It truly is a material world when a kid has a cell phone. Computers, an iPod and a DVD player and the inside of their room looks like a “Toys r Us “ . We worry about their safety and provide them with bicycle helmets and car seats . We send them to dance class and soccer camp and pre-school, all in the attempts to be a good parent to them.
But do we nurture their spirit?
Do we nurture their soul?
Do we teach them to be their authentic self?

Is that not every bit as important as all the rest?
Is that not MORE important than all the rest ?

This is where Numerology comes in.
By now I have done more readings than I can even remember but the one thing that I am consistently told by clients is that they wished they had the information in their Numerology chart at a much younger age as it would have saved them a lot of grief and confusion along the way. They would have had better guidance and made better decisions. They would have had a much better understanding of who they are at an earlier age if they had only known.

Numerology is the guide to your authentic self and what better gift can you give yourself than to understand your Numerology.
What better gift can you give to your child than to take the time to understand their Numerology and use it as a guide to love and nurture their spirit.
Numerology is an incredible tool to assist us in not only understanding our children but also to help prepare them for their chosen destiny in life. By examining their numbers, we can determine their greatest talents and abilities and from knowing them, provide them the necessary tools for self-discovery. We also, through a deeper understanding of our children, are more able to encourage and inspire them to be their authentic selves.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When did I ask you to judge me?

I choose not to judge you because I am not fully aware of your experience nor do I understand the undertakings of your soul and what lessons you seek to learn in this lifetime. Far be it for me to judge that which I have no knowledge of. Rather I choose to accept you just exactly as I find you and honor your journey. I know what you do is perfectly right for you. It may not be in alignment with my truth but certainly it is yours. I respect and honor that. I wish you well no matter your path.

Each and every person is unique unto themselves. There is no perfection to achieve but rather, and more importantly, the task of simply being authentic. From the moment of birth, we are told what to think and say, how to feel, act, and what to believe. This information comes from our family, loved ones, friends, teachers , acquaintances and the media.
In our efforts to be loved and accepted, we try valiantly to fit in but somewhere along the way, we loose sight of who we truly are.

And the judgement comes to keep us tightly bound in misconception....

Until you embrace who you are and your personal truth, freedom from misconception will never arrive.
Until you take away other people's power to judge you, you will accumulate more ropes and chains that inhibit the beauty of your soul.
Until you understand that their words are meaningless as they can not define your truth, you will continue to listen.
Your spirit will never have the opportunity to soar.

Just for today say " I do not give you permission to judge me"
Just for today , judge no one.
Just for today allow yourself to think , act and feel what is perfectly right for you.
Stand in your truth .
Just for today embrace what makes you unique and be more accepting of it.
Just for today be more accepting of others.

Just for today say " I am not here to live up to your expectations. I am here to live up to MINE.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

There is a Plan

There is a plan people. You don't have to go through life without direction. No need to feel lost.
Quite like Hansel and Gretel, there are bread crumbs somewhere.
If you were planning to drive somewhere,wouldn't you take the time to look at a map so you know how to get there?
Same thing really, Numerology is the roadmap to your life. It is the Instruction Manuel. It holds the information about your Destiny.
It is your soul plan. It is what your soul sought to experience in this lifetime. You planned this and so it has been written in your Date of Birth and Name at Birth.
You have options, you can run on auto pilot or you can tap into the incredible wisdom and insight your Personal Numerology Chart offers.
A Numerologist is a medium who connects to the energy of the numbers and reads your energy through them. It takes years of study and experience to fully understand Numerology but in the end, a Numerologist combines knowledge with intuitiveness and Divine Guidance when doing a reading.

Numerology teaches that nothing is by coincidence, neither the day you were born nor the name you were given. Numerology discerns your “Cosmic Code” from the information found in your Date of Birth and Name given at birth. Numerology embraces the belief that the individual enters a given life by choice, at a certain time and into a certain environment that will give him an opportunity to further evolve in consciousness.

Numerology gives you an opportunity to be more aware of yourself, the talents you have, and the pathway you choose to use these abilities. Numerology identifies your talents and gifts, brings you clarity about your life and your reason for being, and also identifies your challenges and lessons to be learned along the journey of your lifetime. Numerology provides insight into your destiny and helps you to understand the energy behind your life as well as the energy you bring to live it. It also speaks of past-life knowledge you have as well as any Karma that you are working out in this lifetime.
When it comes to self-enlightenment, Numerology helps you to understand yourself, your underlying motivations and validates who you are and why you are the way you are. Most often a Numerology chart serves as an explanation for events in a person’s life and gives you clear guidance for the future. Truly, Numerology is the “Autobiography of your Soul”. Understanding your Numerology, simply put, validates your life experiences. Understanding yourself, puts you on the path for your greatest achievements

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Psychics Mediums and Things That Go Bump in the Night

I had the opportunity to attend a gallery event in Doylestown PA for a psychic medium named Joseph Tittel. Joseph has been a frequent guest on my Radio Show "Visible By Numbers" on BBS Radio. I have also had a personal phone reading from him so I was well aware of his abilities. During that reading he came up with indisputable facts and information that were so specific, there was no doubt in his ability to connect to the "other side". I , however, had never seen him in person and was curious about the whole process of mediumship.

As the room filled, I wondered what motivated these other people to attend. I assumed they lost a loved one and were they hoping to receive messages from them. I was grateful that I was not there for that reason. Yes, I have lost family members but distant ones and I never have experienced deep grief except when my dog Gus died. It would have been cool if Gus came through but I am not sure if Joseph could have understand his high pitched frenzied barking.
But I digress.

Joseph was introduced by his very charming partner Bob who explained to all of us the process of a gallery style event. Soon Joseph took the stage.
The first thing I noticed was Joseph's aura. I suppose I should mention that I see auras and his was vibrant. He spoke for awhile about his life and I enjoyed his humor and his public speaking abilities. Lets face it, you can be the most gifted psychic medium in the world, but charisma and charm goes a long way with your delivery. Joseph had both.

It was finally time for the readings and I observed an intensity in Joseph and you could almost perceive a switch being turned on within him. The pace of his speech quickened and with closed eyes, he began sharing the first messages of the night. Information comes to him in almost shotgun speed. Names, dates and very specific information flowed from him. His accuracy was nothing less than impressive. I also observed his aura intensifying.

I sat next to a man receiving a reading and he validated everything Joseph was saying. I watched the man closely and knew Joseph was hitting home with what he was saying.
Reading after reading and nodding affirmations and validations continued as the evening progressed.

I tend to shy away from using the words " a gift" as I believe people are gifted in many ways. Observe the love and caring in a Mother's eyes and you witness the gift of unconditional love.
Listen to music that feeds your soul and you realize people are gifted with incredible musical ability. Watch a dancer, an artist, an actor and you get my drift.
In the end, as the gallery event closed, I realized that Joseph did indeed have the gift of mediumship, though I never doubted it. It is a gift just like any of the others but he is extraordinary at it.

It was an absolute pleasure to witness him in action and for what it is worth, I would highly recommend Joseph as a psychic medium.

Friday, July 3, 2009

When Humility Comes a Knocking Learn to Laugh at Yourself

I am about to share with you an absolutely mortifying experience. Most people would not survive it and live to laugh about it but the story must be told because no matter what your mortifying experience has been, mine is probably much worse. You decide.

I live in PA and I am originally from NY which requires many a trip to NY to visit my family. This ends up to be an exhausting experience as there are many people to see and I am constantly on the run. Although I love them dearly, these weekend visits take their toll on my energy.
After a 4 Day visit, my husband and I were on the long drive home. Nature came calling and I had him pull into a McDonald's so I could go to the bathroom. Now mind you, I hate public bathrooms but sometimes you have to go and have no choice. My husband stayed with the car as our dogs were with us and I went in to do my "girlie thing".

Do you have any idea how hard it is to not sit on a public restroom seat? You have to delicately balance yourself in a hovering position, knees bent and sometimes aching, your butt precariously perched and at the same time relax so you can do what you came to do.
You hurry up and wipe , pull up your pants, wash your hands and get the hell out of there because public rest rooms give you the heebie-jeebies. Ok maybe I am the only one public bathrooms give the heebie-jeebies and OK maybe I need therapy but that is not the point of the story.

I returned to the car and my husband wanted to go in and get something to eat so I stood outside the car stretching my legs before beginning another marathon drive on the highway to home. While standing there I nonchalantly reached back and felt something unusual and when I grabbed it, I realized it was a long wad of toilet paper that was dangling out the back of my pants. I then realized in my haste to wipe and get out of the dreaded public restroom, the toilet paper did not get flushed but rather accompanied me to the car. My first reaction was to die right there and my second reaction was to laugh hysterically at myself. I quickly grabbed the toilet paper and kicked it under the car. THANK GOD I discovered it and took care of the problem. End of story right? No ..not so fast

I noticed my husband coming out of the McDonalds and he was laughing. I asked him what was so funny and he told me that all the kids working the counters were laughing at this lady who just left the restaurant with toilet paper sticking out the back of her pants.

Now internally I was laughing at myself but I was not about to tell my husband that the toilet paper challenged lady in question was me.
As we pulled away from our parking space, I quickly tried to divert his attention from the wad of white toilet paper laying on the black aspalt that suddenly looked like a friggin mountain and was being slowly exposed as we backed out. I yelled "Oh Look at the Hawk!~" and seeing my husband loves worked like a charm. My secret was safe ( except for the 8 or so teenagers working at the McDonalds in Scranton PA)

The moral of the story is if you can not laugh at yourself, who can? You can be the most charismatic, accomplished person in the world but eventually humility will come a knocking and sometimes it comes in the form of toilet paper sticking out the back of your pants.

Now please do NOT tell my husband. I do want him to be the only person in the world to still think of me as being a refined and delicate lady. It is our little secret.
I am still laughing though ...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

What makes a 7 Lifepath and 6 Birthday happy?

If you happen to study Numerology, you will find that almost every Numerology book tends to regurgitate the same definitions of the numbers which can be frustrating. Having a list of adjectives sounds good in theory but what does it all mean?

Which brings me to my title "What makes a 7 Lifepath and 6 Birthday happy?"
Oh Yesterday was a very good day indeed!~

I had readings scheduled for most of the morning and early afternoon.
I get up at 5 AM and in the quiet of the early morning, I set about to calculate the charts for any persons I have an appointment with that day. I prefer to actually make up the charts the day of the reading for good reason. As a person's numbers appear before me, a conversation begins and I hear all that I will tell them when the reading begins. Numerology is scientific yes, but you can not discount intuitiveness and Divine Guidance as an integral part of the reading. "How" you say things is equally as important as "what" you say. The numbers have meanings but interpretation is an art.
What makes me a good Numerologist is my 7 Lifepath number. 7s tend to be braniacs and they study things to the point of becoming an expert. God knows I have studied Numerology. Not only have I studied it, but each and every day, I apply it. I do research constantly on the numbers, constantly seeking to validate their effect in our lives. 7s tend to be either very scientific or very spiritual and in me, you have a mixture of both, taking an esoteric science and making it my life.
Once the charts are done, it is time to meditate as I meditate prior to each reading. Of all the numbers, meditation is a must for 7s.
The readings went very well and I even got an email or two from my clients thanking me for their reading which is gratifying.
I may not be able to change the world, but I do create change even if only with one person at a time. I shift my client's perspective and to help them to see their experiences from a soul's point of view. Numerology done right, is a beautiful thing.

Now on to my 6 Birthday...
God knows 6 energy is Martha Stewart's target group as we love a pretty house.
Nothing makes a 6 happier than cleaning products and I happen to have a new steam cleaner for my rugs. Oh JOY!~
So I quickly changed hats from the wise old sage to Ms Martha and steam cleaned all the carpets in my house. It is almost "sick" how much I enjoyed seeing the color of the carpets brighten as the steam cleaner did it's work. Someone else might think I needed therapy but you have to have 6s in your chart to really appreciate the value of a good cleaning tool. I won't mention how much I love a good furniture polish less you have me locked up.
Back to my 7 energy as 7s need a lot more sleep than the other numbers so I headed upstairs for a well deserved nap.
It was a good day ... and THAT is what makes a 7 LIFEPATh and 6 BIRTHDAY happy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to My World of Numbers

They say I have a gift for languages but having studied Latin in school, nothing seemed further from the truth.
My Latin teacher, Mr Durkin, in frustration one day in class, threw an eraser at me for not knowing how to conjugate the Latin word for girl. It seemed absurd to me that there were 12 endings to the word puella depending on where you used it in a sentence.
Mr. Durkin, I forgive you for being upset with me but seriously "anger management classes" please...
And so I began to realize I spoke the language of Numbers.
It is a language you know? It is the Universal Language.
A universal language is a hypothetical historical or mythical language said to be spoken and understood by all or most of the world's population; or, in some circles, is said to be understood by all living things, beings, and objects alike.
Every culture understands numbers. The whole world exists because of them and everything revolves around them.
I discovered Numerology as a child. In the summers off from school, my favorite place to be was the public library. I was rather fond of biographies and I guess you could surmise that even at such a young age, I was questioning how a person achieves their destiny. I also was interested in books that would seem quite odd for a child of the 50s such as the biography of Edgar Cayce as well as books on Transcendental Meditation.
I recall my Mother's horror as she discovered me in the lotus position meditating in my room, something that was not in alignment with my Parochial School upbringing. It is a wonder she didn't have my library card revoked. Thankfully she did not.
It was on one of those hot summer days, on a trip to the library, that I discovered my first Numerology Book. I now officially extend my gratitude to Juno Jordan for writing "Romance in Your Name". It was this book, it's very contents, that opened a doorway of understanding on the subject of "destiny" and lit a fire within me to explore the language of numbers. It was not long before I realized I was gifted at this language.
So there you have it Mr Durkin...I may not be able to conjugate the noun puella but I can do a dissertation on the number 1.

You can not do anything really well unless you are passionate about it. I am passionate about Numerology. More importantly, it is my destiny to be a Numerologist.