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Premium Numerology Forecasts

1st off, it was exciting to receive so much positive feedback through the year from people who purchased the Premium Forecasts in 2017. I am delighted that you found them to be accurate and useful. I had one lady email me to tell me that everything just fell into place and she moved exactly when her Premium Forecast said she would. I had another person email me to let me know he chose the date for an event by using his Premium Forecast and it turned out to be extremely profitable for him. Nice !~ Keep the feedback coming. 

The Premium Numerology Forecasts for 2018 are available. They have been updated and expanded from last year. 

Premium Monthly Forecasts were written to give you insight regarding career, money, love, relationships and health in the upcoming year.

These printable Premium Forecasts offer you an opportunity to look at 
your Monthly Numerology Forecasts, in advance, for the entire year: January 2018-December 2018

Look at the Premium Forecasts your "go to planner" for the upcoming year!
Each report is at least 27 pages long and start off by explaining your Personal Year Number which describes the overall theme of your upcoming year. 
They then go into detail about your Personal Month energy for the entire year.
They give you practical advice on where you should be focusing your time and attention and also include suggestions for recommended activities each month. On top of that, they also look at your Personal Days each month so you understand the energy of every day of the year and plan accordingly 

By being able to look at your 12 Month Forecast in advance, you have an opportunity to schedule important events at a time that would allow for the most successful outcome. You also can be more aware of what to expect as the year unfolds.

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2018 Predictions

2018 is an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11) The Universal Year energy has an influence upon our collective experience. It affects world events.
There is no question that over the past two years we have been in tumultuous times. We are in the middle of a major energy shift. When we ushered in the year 2000, we came under the vibration of the Number 2 which requires peaceful coexistence and working for the greater good of all. There is a war going on between good and evil because the self serving vibration of the 1900s does not want to let go. In order to achieve a better world, you have to expose corruption, tear down current institutions and rebuild. The question is “who is going to win that war?”
It is near impossible to look at current events from a spiritual perspective but I feel this moment in time was perfectly described a long time ago by Juno Jordan.

Juno Jordan, born in 1884, is considered to be one of the most respected Numerologists who ever lived. She founded the California Institute of Numerical Research for the purpose of disproving or proving Numerology. Her research, gathered over 25 years, has greatly added to our understanding of Numerology as we use it today.

In 1965 Juno published “Numerology: The Romance in Your Name” and there is a chapter in that book which foretells of the current state of the planet. It is Chapter XXIII titled “World Events”.
In this chapter, Juno describes the cycles, as determined by the numbers that offer humanity opportunities to progress. In her words “When the laws of the cycles is not heeded, war, conflict, and confusion follow. On the other hand, anytime mankind reads the sign of the times and follows their instructions, the way to good times and worthwhile endeavors for all opens up”.

Juno has much to say about the 2000s and literally speaks of a new way of living where emphasis will be placed upon peaceful coexistence.
Juno wrote “Those who can measure up to the spiritual purpose, which the 2000 represents, will live in a wonderful world. Those who can not will gradually loose their power, for the LIGHT of finer things and spiritual awareness will be so strong that crime and wrongdoing will gradually loose their hold.”
I quote “The upward climb will not be easy, for the struggle now being experienced between the wrong and the rights are like a period of housecleaning, spiritual housecleaning. It is a period of renovations of minds and souls as well as that of methods and practices.”
And she goes on to say “There is likely to be a leveling of privileges and more benefits for the common man”
Prolifically, in Juno’s words “According to the signs of the future, every man and every woman must be able to stand the searchlight of spiritual things; this means to live by the qualities of the soul more than by the power of the mind and the energies of ambition.”

The 11 Universal Year emphasizes every word Juno wrote. It represents illumination and the potential for truth to come to the light.  Given the current political atmosphere, I feel we will be witness to major revelations. The 11 can be the giver of gifts but it also can be the catalyst for losses. I do feel 2018 will bring something of importance to a conclusion.

The 11 gives us an opportunity to come to peaceful resolution to our problems and to find common ground where everyone is satisfied with the outcome. It is important that we avoid any acts of aggression because under this energy, going on the offensive would create bigger problems. With that being said, it would not be a good time to provoke North Korea.

The 11 intensifies our sensitivity so we can expect a strong emotional reaction to whatever transpires that upsets the collective.  We will see backlash in the form of more protests and expression through social media. It is also important to note that for people who are not mentally balanced, this can be a difficult vibration to handle and we may see an increase in depression and mentally disturbed behavior. We need to watch out for those that are most vulnerable. We also need to work on staying grounded. I encourage you to spend more time out in Mother Nature.

The 11 gives rise to fanatical religious ideology. This can have an effect on multiple levels. As of late, conservative religious views have become part of our political landscape and this trend will continue in 2018. We also have to look at Isis and other terrorist groups who base their actions upon their religious beliefs and understand that we can expect an increase in terrorism. The White Nationalist movement which gained attention in 2017 will also be in the highlighted in 2018.
On a positive note and a personal level, we do have the opportunity to strengthen our faith. Certainly 2018 is a year where we can expect miracles.

I am Woman, Hear me Roar
Because 2018 is an 11/2 Universal Year, it has strong ties to the “Divine Feminine Energy.”  I see this as a year where woman unite to address issues important to them.
As I stated before, the 11 fosters religious zealot ideology and when it comes to women’s issues, we will see the subject of birth control and abortion brought up. A more conservative agenda, based upon religious beliefs, will try to end abortions but I feel there will be major push back to this by the female population.  Expect protests.
Planned Parenthood and a woman’s right to birth control will be under attack again.

We will also see the continuation of woman standing up against sexual misconduct and assault. We have not even begun to touch the tip of this iceberg. 2018 will be instrumental when it comes to informing the male population about unacceptable behavior.
More women will be elected to office in 2018 and those already in office will be in a powerful position to have their voices heard.

We are moving towards the legalization of marijuana in all states. No matter how you feel about this, it is more of a financial decision than a moral or ethical one. The tax revenues alone are an incentive for states to legalize it.

The Trump Administration: Karmic Dominos
Donald Trump will enter his 4 Personal Year in 2018 which holds him accountable to following the law, telling the truth and being ethical. If he chooses to do otherwise, he will get caught and be held responsible.
 His chart indicates that he has a problem with following the rules and may not even feel that they are applicable to him which seems to be the main source of his problem. 2018 will bring a strong correction to this behavior.
Given Mueller’s investigation, I think this spells trouble for Trump.
He has a natural tendency to be stubborn and judgmental so the 4 Personal Year will intensify these personality traits. He isn’t about to change his mind even when he is wrong.

His approval ratings will continue to decline. I see the potential for sexual allegations coming up again for him.  I also see roadblocks for him and difficulty implementing his administration’s agenda. His actions will continue to create divisiveness in the Republican Party. The Steele dossier will play an important role, perhaps proof of what was written in it comes out.  Legal problems and the possibility of an impeachment are strong possibilities.
His health will also be a focus in 2018.  April is an especially karmic month for him.
May, July and September are also key months to watch.

It is interesting to note that Donald Trump Jr. also has the same Karmic implications in his chart. His chart is almost identical to his fathers.

Jared Kushner has a problematic chart for 2018. Just like Donald Trump, this is related to unethical or illegal actions. He is being held accountable for those things in 2018. It will be a very difficult year for him. I do feel he will be facing legal troubles.

Jeff Sessions will be in an 11 Personal Year in 2018. He has strong implications of an ending in his chart. I think he is more vulnerable to stress than we realize and 2018 will intensify that for him. I see him stepping down or being replaced.

There is no love lost between Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump. They are incompatible. I think we will be hearing more criticism from Tillerson regarding Donald Trump and vice versa. His position was and continues to be temporary at best.

I know Trump is pleased with Sarah H. Sanders ability to handle the job of WH Press Secretary but I have to say her Numerology Chart , specifically her Transits, are extremely difficult and they could be interpreted as a serious health issue or a threat to her reputation and career. I do not see 2018 as being an easy year for her.

*Of note
Expect Robert Mueller to have a very successful year in which he will be recognized for his work and rewarded for it.

Roy Moore will have a very challenging year in 2018 regardless of whether he wins the Alabama Senate race on December 12th or not.  There is evidence of an ending in his chart at his current age. His chart for 2018 speaks of a very difficult year for him.
*since this prediction was written, Roy Moore lost the election.

Get me Roger Stone
Roger Stone is a political consultant known for his use of opposition research for the Republican Party. I think we will be hearing more about him in the upcoming year but especially after August. It could have something related to the Mueller investigation.


We can expect to hear a lot more about displaced people due to climate change. We have not begun to see the mass exodus from Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria.

The Hurricane Season will be just as active in 2018. The same areas that were impacted in 2017 will be threatened. (Puerto Rico, the Bahamas)  The Gulf Coast and the East Coast of the US can expect a landfall.  The biggest problem will be storm surge and flooding.  Also, Europe and specifically Ireland are at risk for an unprecedented Hurricane which will break previous records.

Wind, Rain and Power Outages are likely for the NE Coast but expect warmer temperatures overall for winter.
 Expect colder temperatures and blizzards for the Midwest.
 Stormy Weather is ahead for Florida in 2018 in general. 
It will be an active tornado season but I feel we will be hearing about a major tornado in Oklahoma and also in North Carolina.
The Pacific NW can expect one wet rainy storm after another.

California Fires
I predicted the fires in CA in 2017 and I wish I had better news for 2018 however it is going to be another destructive year. It may be worse than 2017. CA also will experience unusually high temperatures.

Expect more earthquake activity in 2018 including an increase of earthquake swarms at Yellowstone. There will be an increase in volcanic eruptions as well.
Look for a large meteor that lights up the NE Coast.

The Economy
I feel our economy will continue to recover and gain strength. The stock market looks good for 2018 for the most part.

Toy manufacturers will face financial problems due to the Toys R Us bankruptcy ripple effect. I would stay away from any investments along those lines.
The behemoth Amazon will continue to threaten “brick and mortar” stores and we will continue to see the decline of malls and more and more empty retail spaces.
Wells Fargo has faced fines and criticism over the past few years because of unethical business practices and 2018 does not look any better for them. 
There seems to be something in the air regarding pharmaceuticals next year.
Other Problematic Companies in 2018:
Unilever (Dove)
Yahoo (another security breach)
Johnson & Johnson
Ford (recalls)

North Korea
Make no mistake; the threat from North Korea extends far beyond the potential for war. They are fully engaged in a cyber war that includes hacking of our electrical grids and banking institutions including the Federal Reserve.
There is a strong possibility that in their efforts to ramp up their nuclear program, they cause damage to their own country.
The back and forth name calling between Trump and Kim Jong-un will continue escalating tensions. With 2018 being an 11 Year, war is definitely possible.


Colin Kaepernick is best known for being the 1st NFL player to take a seat during the National Anthem to bring attention to racial injustice.  Although he is always in the spotlight, there is intense energy in his chart for 2018 which highlights his life even more so. I am sure we will be hearing of news worthy event about him in the upcoming year.

Hillary Clinton has emerged from the devastation she must have felt from the election loss and ventured out back into public life. She will be even more outspoken in 2018.
I do also see her as being injury prone but I do not feel it is anything major.

Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, the mayor of San Juan, is best known for being the voice of Puerto Rico by criticizing the Federal response to the devastation from Hurricane Maria. She will continue to be in the spotlight in 2018 speaking out for her people.

David Letterman has an intense chart after his birthday in April. I am not sure if this has to do with him or someone close to him but I feel there is a loss such as a death or an ending to something important in his life, most likely in September.

Tom Hanks needs to be cautious about his health in 2018. I am not sure if it is him or someone close to him but I see a loss such as a death or an emotional ending for him.