Monday, February 18, 2013

Making Sense of Mindy McCready's Death

When I read the news of Mindy McCready’s death, I really did not know who she was but I did what most Numerologists would do, I looked up her birth information because I wanted to look at her Numerology Chart. It isn't that I have a taste for the macabre; just a desire to see what energy was present in her chart and find an explanation for her sudden and tragic death.

It saddened me to see the energy that was affecting her experience at the moment she took her own life. She was in a 2 Personal Year and also had a 2 Essence which would have increased her sensitivity and intensified her emotions , especially in 2013. This combination signals a very difficult time in her life ,clearly shown in her Numerology Chart, where depression and anxiety would have felt overwhelming. In all honesty, it would have been hard to stay balanced during this time. She most likely also felt discouraged, lacking direction and a feeling of being stuck.
Add to that, Mindy had a Y Mental and a Y Spiritual Transit at the time of her death which when translated numerically, signals a time of extreme loneliness.

As I read her biography information, I saw that she suffered from addictions and had a very volatile love life. She was a 5 Expression and a 5 always has to be cautious of overindulgence with the physical body. The 5 in her chart makes her a very physical and sensual person which gives explanation for her many love affairs.  She also had a 3 Hearts Desire Number and a 30 Birthday which did not help with her lack of discipline. Both these numbers have the potential to be impulsive and lack focus.  The gift of the 3s in her chart was her artistic ability as demonstrated by her song writing and success as a country singer. Still, with that being said, she was predisposed to addictions. 

I would expect if the truth be told, Mindy had a difficult childhood. She was a 9 Lifepath and they often do. It usually is related to the father figure but it often involved victimization of some kind. Her chart shows a lack of self-confidence and self-worth that originated in her childhood experiences. Yet, it was that very 9 Lifepath that gave her fame and international influence.

Even in 2008, during what appears to be a very dark time in her life, where she attempted suicide previously, difficulty was present in her chart in much the same way it did the day she ended her life.

If we were able to look at Mindy’s life from a soul level, we would be able to understand the courage of her soul and what her soul came to achieve in this lifetime. Numerology allows us to view this from a soul plane. She was here to work through many things, including relationships from a past life and her chart speaks of completion of some phase of the evolution of her soul. Her addictions were clearly written into her soul experience so who are we to judge what her soul was trying to learn from that experience?

People speak of suicide in such a way as to condemn that person for giving up and they suggest that it will only result in that soul having to come back to live that life all over again.
I tend to disagree. Death comes in many forms. The type of energy Mindy was dealing with at the time she took her own life would have been hard for any of us. 
 Truth is, Mindy wrote her experience as we all do.
The 9 Lifepath speaks of experiences with unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance for others and letting go. It also is strongly associated with spiritual teacher, whether you teach a great many people or one person at a time. I suspect we all could learn a thing or two from Mindy’s life.

Mindy was an old soul and I, for one, am in awe of the courage of her soul. She touched people’s lives during her life and I suspect will touch even more in her death. I believe in all my heart, this was her last go around and she is joining the Angels above as we speak.
God Bless you Mindy.