Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Oprah Winfrey's Biggest Mistake With OWN

It is all in the name Oprah. The moment you decided on calling your network OWN, you sealed its fate. You made a grave error and created a "vibrational disaster" with its name. Surely as the Titanic hit the iceberg, OWN was destined for difficulties, if not failure. It is a shame really because your intentions were of the highest caliber. 

OWN has a 16 vibration and, numerically speaking, that number is Karmic and its meaning is rise to fall. What goes up ultimately comes down and it can be a humbling experience. In Tarot, the 16 is associated with the Major Arcana Tower Card which symbolizes the destruction of the old and rebirth of the new. Your network had a challenging name from its inception and both Numerology and the Tarot would agree.
In the event you are not aware of Numerology, let me explain. Numerology is the ancient science of numbers based upon the teachings of Pythagoras who lived in 560AD. It has roots in ancient cultures such as Rome, Egypt, Greece, China and even has ties to the Hebrew Kabbalah. Numbers are symbolic for energy and every number has a specific meaning and vibration. Every letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number. When you add up the name OWN, you get a 16 which means it will draw the energy of the 16 to it.

OWN O=6 W=5 N=5 6+5+5=16

I can't help but wonder Oprah, with all your spiritual explorations, did you ever consider applying some of that knowledge to ensuring the success of your new enterprise. Dare I bring up "the law of attraction" at a time like this? I shouldn't rub salt into an open wound but the 16 is a very challenging number. I do love you Oprah and all the good that you do but, had you asked me, I would have told you to choose another name.

News headlines recently reported: "Losses at Oprah's OWN approach a staggering $330m as industry insiders predict it will be axed within the year." Dear Oprah, you are soon approaching your 9 Personal Year and when the 9 comes around, it is time for endings and completions.

In Closing Oprah, I leave you with a quote from Stefan Zweig which I hope gives you comfort.
"Only the person who has experienced light and darkness, war and peace, rise and fall, only that person has truly experienced life"