Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Reincarnation of Madame Curie

Several years ago a very talented clairvoyant named Carolyn Evers told me that she saw in a vision of my past life that I was the reincarnation of Madame Curie. Although I appreciated Carolyn's insight, I dismissed the idea entirely because the very idea of chemistry and physics makes me nauseous. I also strongly resist needing a "title" to make you feel special.

Still, there were many things about being told that I was the reincarnation of Madame Curie that struck me odd. Being an avid fan of biographies, which really got me started with Numerology, I happen to own Madame Curie's biography as it was one of my childhood favorites. The book sits on my desk to this day with my many other favorite books.

I also could not help but pick up on the names in Madame Curie's actual life. My middle name is Marie and Madame Curie's name is Marie. My mother's name is Irene and Madame Curie named her daughter Irene. I even named my own daughter Greta Irene.

I also could not help but wonder why, ever since I was a child, that I was afraid to have an x-ray and when I got older I often argued with Doctors about the necessity of having one. Could it be that because Madame Curie died of radiation poisoning that I had a fear of x-rays?

I also was very aware of her life and knew that after her husband died, she eventually had an affair with her married lab assistant. This act almost cost her the Nobel Peace Prize as she was a public figure, albeit a reluctant one, and during that era, such a thing was scandalous. I find it very interesting that when looking at the Numerology of my own chart and my husband's, we have a Karmic relationship that points to a past life together and a past affair. The very fact that my husband is a geologist, raises an eyebrow as well because it reflects his scientific past. Imagine a Numerologist and a Geologist?

Madame Curie was a recluse for the most part and her work was her life. She never enjoyed the public limelight. I certainly can resonate to those feelings. Although I have what appears to be an outgoing personality, basically I prefer to spend time alone. My work is my life and although Numerology is considered to be a "pseudo-science" it surprisingly is based upon physics. I have to admit I do a great deal of research with Numerology testing the theories of it. It involves many hours of research, analysis and collecting data.

Enter Saturn in the 5th House:

The other night I was reading an Astrology Book with my personal Astrology Chart in hand and I happen to have Saturn in the 5th House.

And I quote: " Disciplined fifth house Saturn needs to learn how to relax and have a good time, and for this serious, responsible planet, that's not always easy. Because of its seriousness, Saturn's fifth house creativity is often channeled into scientific discovery: this is the placement of Madame Curie, for example." that was just plain freaky!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Numerology and Psychic Gifts

Once you begin to study Numerology, you realize that it speaks clearly about psychic gifts. Words such as psychic, mediumship, prophetic dreams, healers, spiritual teachers and a connection to the spiritual realm are weaved throughout the meanings of the numbers.

It is not surprising because Numerology is depicting the journey of a soul in this lifetime. We are, after all, spiritual beings having a physical existence and not the other way around.

It is arrogant to believe that God stopped communicating with us. Did not the Bible speak of prophets and healers? History tells us that miracles happened and continue to happen and God has been speaking to mankind since the beginning of time. So why did society stop being open minded and shut down the infinite possibilities of communication with God? Why the skepticism? In many ways, such skepticism goes against all that religion teaches about God's love for us. Why would he not continue to speak to us through our connection to the Divine and our own souls? We are, after all, His children.

Through my experience doing Numerology readings for many many years, it has given me great satisfaction to share with my clients their psychic gifts. More often than not, I have helped to validate , through the meanings of the numbers, people's experiences with paranormal activity. Yes people see angels and have visions and recieve prophetic dreams and more, but they seldom speak about it. They are afraid people would perceive them to be crazy. Many a client is releived to know that they are quite normal and feel vindicated of the sense of alienation that something is wrong with them. The end result is that they begin to recognize the messages they receive and embrace the insight and guidance that comes with being in touch with God on a much more personal level.

I refer you to the words of famous Numerologist Juno Jordan who often is called the Grandmother of Numerology, from the book "Romance in Your Name":

The number THREE has a strange gift of prophecy. Being inwardly sensitive and intuitive, it often senses events before they happen. It possesses a natural psychic ability as the medium or clairvoyant."

And that is just the tip of the iceburg of what Numerology has to say about your psychic abilities.