Sunday, May 24, 2009

What makes a 7 Lifepath and 6 Birthday happy?

If you happen to study Numerology, you will find that almost every Numerology book tends to regurgitate the same definitions of the numbers which can be frustrating. Having a list of adjectives sounds good in theory but what does it all mean?

Which brings me to my title "What makes a 7 Lifepath and 6 Birthday happy?"
Oh Yesterday was a very good day indeed!~

I had readings scheduled for most of the morning and early afternoon.
I get up at 5 AM and in the quiet of the early morning, I set about to calculate the charts for any persons I have an appointment with that day. I prefer to actually make up the charts the day of the reading for good reason. As a person's numbers appear before me, a conversation begins and I hear all that I will tell them when the reading begins. Numerology is scientific yes, but you can not discount intuitiveness and Divine Guidance as an integral part of the reading. "How" you say things is equally as important as "what" you say. The numbers have meanings but interpretation is an art.
What makes me a good Numerologist is my 7 Lifepath number. 7s tend to be braniacs and they study things to the point of becoming an expert. God knows I have studied Numerology. Not only have I studied it, but each and every day, I apply it. I do research constantly on the numbers, constantly seeking to validate their effect in our lives. 7s tend to be either very scientific or very spiritual and in me, you have a mixture of both, taking an esoteric science and making it my life.
Once the charts are done, it is time to meditate as I meditate prior to each reading. Of all the numbers, meditation is a must for 7s.
The readings went very well and I even got an email or two from my clients thanking me for their reading which is gratifying.
I may not be able to change the world, but I do create change even if only with one person at a time. I shift my client's perspective and to help them to see their experiences from a soul's point of view. Numerology done right, is a beautiful thing.

Now on to my 6 Birthday...
God knows 6 energy is Martha Stewart's target group as we love a pretty house.
Nothing makes a 6 happier than cleaning products and I happen to have a new steam cleaner for my rugs. Oh JOY!~
So I quickly changed hats from the wise old sage to Ms Martha and steam cleaned all the carpets in my house. It is almost "sick" how much I enjoyed seeing the color of the carpets brighten as the steam cleaner did it's work. Someone else might think I needed therapy but you have to have 6s in your chart to really appreciate the value of a good cleaning tool. I won't mention how much I love a good furniture polish less you have me locked up.
Back to my 7 energy as 7s need a lot more sleep than the other numbers so I headed upstairs for a well deserved nap.
It was a good day ... and THAT is what makes a 7 LIFEPATh and 6 BIRTHDAY happy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to My World of Numbers

They say I have a gift for languages but having studied Latin in school, nothing seemed further from the truth.
My Latin teacher, Mr Durkin, in frustration one day in class, threw an eraser at me for not knowing how to conjugate the Latin word for girl. It seemed absurd to me that there were 12 endings to the word puella depending on where you used it in a sentence.
Mr. Durkin, I forgive you for being upset with me but seriously "anger management classes" please...
And so I began to realize I spoke the language of Numbers.
It is a language you know? It is the Universal Language.
A universal language is a hypothetical historical or mythical language said to be spoken and understood by all or most of the world's population; or, in some circles, is said to be understood by all living things, beings, and objects alike.
Every culture understands numbers. The whole world exists because of them and everything revolves around them.
I discovered Numerology as a child. In the summers off from school, my favorite place to be was the public library. I was rather fond of biographies and I guess you could surmise that even at such a young age, I was questioning how a person achieves their destiny. I also was interested in books that would seem quite odd for a child of the 50s such as the biography of Edgar Cayce as well as books on Transcendental Meditation.
I recall my Mother's horror as she discovered me in the lotus position meditating in my room, something that was not in alignment with my Parochial School upbringing. It is a wonder she didn't have my library card revoked. Thankfully she did not.
It was on one of those hot summer days, on a trip to the library, that I discovered my first Numerology Book. I now officially extend my gratitude to Juno Jordan for writing "Romance in Your Name". It was this book, it's very contents, that opened a doorway of understanding on the subject of "destiny" and lit a fire within me to explore the language of numbers. It was not long before I realized I was gifted at this language.
So there you have it Mr Durkin...I may not be able to conjugate the noun puella but I can do a dissertation on the number 1.

You can not do anything really well unless you are passionate about it. I am passionate about Numerology. More importantly, it is my destiny to be a Numerologist.