Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Your Turn in the Chair

I have attended many funerals in my life and accompanied the long procession of cars to the gravesite for the final burial. I have seen the chairs, covered in cloth; the ones that the closest family members sit in during the prayer service. I have seen other people’s sadness and their tears but nothing prepared me for the day when one of those chairs was reserved for me.

I don’t want to sit in the chair. I do not want to see my Mother’s casket lowered into the ground and I sure as hell don’t want to say goodbye.

I do not care that she lived a long life or that her suffering from her illness has ended. I do not want to hear this is a “celebration” of her life at the funeral. I am deaf, dumb and blind to all of that because my heart is breaking.

There is something about a Mother. She is the glue that holds a family together and the common denominator that bonds her children.  She is the safety net you can always count on because she always has your back. She will tell you she loves you even when you are being a pain in the ass and she will always forgive you in the end. You unwittingly, and sometimes unwillingly, are her pride and joy.

When I was sitting in that chair I came to the realization that she loved me and nothing else matters. I also realized how much I loved her, more than I ever knew.  I began to see her in a different light and appreciate the things I took for granted. I examined our relationship and wished I could erase the times we fought or were angry because it all seems so petty now. My mind waded through my memories of her and I stopped to savor the good ones.
I also saw her through the eyes of others, who experienced her outside the role of Motherhood and who shared with me a beautiful side of her I could not see. Perspective is everything and a new one was born through the stories they shared with me at the funeral.

When the prayer service is done I am struggling to walk away; I just want to kick the damn chair. I want to throw it as far as I can. That chair is symbolic to me of being in a place where there is no escaping your feelings and having to feel the pain of loosing someone so close to you.
If I never have to sit in one of those chairs again, I will be happy.
Screw the damn chair.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Numerology of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham 10/26/1947

Hillary Clinton is a 3 Lifepath .
3s are gifted communicators and it is not unusual to find a person with 3 energy in the public eye. They are very creative , inspirational, generous to a fault, strongly connected to children and have an ability to maintain a positive outlook in life.They can be light-hearted,  witty and very entertaining. Friends and friendships are important to them. Their Achilles Heel is that they are oversensitive to criticism and can have a difficult time with staying focused. They are truthful as a rule but have been known to be guilty of telling a little white lie.
It is interesting to me that Hillary has been criticized for her over-exaggerated facial expressions but 3s are very expressive and and are known for this. Often they show their emotions in their face. She is no Robin Williams but by using him as an example, you can get a sense of what another person with 3 energy can be like.

Hillary actually has an overabundance of 3 energy in her chart because she not only is a 3 Lifepath, but also is a 3 Hearts Desire and 3 Personality. This makes her 3 energy somewhat difficult to balance. Often this type of configuration in a Numerology Chart presents problems. Instead of being expressive and communicating in a way that inspires, when a 3 is struggling for balance, they sound inhibited , even scripted.

In Hillary's case, the teleprompter is not her friend.It would serve her better to speak from her heart rather than to edit her words. Many 3s make this mistake.
One major criticism in this election is people's inability to connect with her and perhaps this is why.
Still Hillary is a passionate person despite the public persona. She is incredibly gifted with all that 3 energy and when it is in perfect balance she can be magnetic.

On an emotional level, I am surprised, given the tone of this election, that she has not lost her "cool" as 3s can only take so much before they erupt like a volcano. To me, this shows incredible restraint and her maturity.
3s often suffer from "open mouth, insert foot" syndrome because sometimes 3s say things flippantly without thinking. When you are born to express yourself, this can be a tricky issue, especially when in the public eye. I think we can cite a few times during the election when this was the case.

Hillary is a 6 Expression and 6s are compassionate, loving and genuinely care about others. 6s are known to be "champions for the underdog" and do care about those that are less fortunate.  They do love children and if you look at Hillary's life career, you can see that she has made children a major focus. 6s have a clear sense of justice which explains her career in the legal field.

If you take the time to look at Hillary's platform, you can see it reflects her 6 energy. 

Hillary was born on a 26/8 day and this number speaks of her ambition and does bring powerful and influential people into her world. 8s are natural born leaders, problem solvers and do have excellent judgement. Having an 8 in your Numerology Chart holds a person to high standards and they must be ethical in everything they do which goes a long way in explaining why Hillary is being held accountable for anything that could be perceived as being unethical such as her private email server controversy.

There has been much said about Hillary's health but I tend to disagree because she actually has numbers that reflect good health. In September when she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service and we subsequently found out she had pneumonia, her Numerology was quite challenging at the time. In fact, she could have died. She was in a 9 month in her 9 Personal Year and it is not unusual for health to be a factor when that energy surrounds you. The good news is that she , just like all of us, move out  of that energy and into more supportive energy as time goes by. October brought exactly that for Hillary.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Donald Trump, Karma and How it Explains His Behavior

If you are not sure how you feel about Karma, let me just start by saying that President Obama had Karma too. His Karma dominated his presidency because although he was in the highest office in the land, he was powerless because his opposition in Congress was unprecidented in modern US politics in its aim to obstruct his every agenda and fight against his every effort. President Obama had a 19/1 which is symbolic of Karma in a significant position in his chart and suggested a lesson in being powerless would be played out in his lifetime. 

If having the most Karma was a competition, Donald Trump would win. Add that to his long list of achievements. Long before this Presidential Election, I used Donald Trump’s Numerology Chart as a classic case demonstrating Karmic Numbers. Truth is, almost every number in his Numerology Chart is a Karmic Number and they imply that he has some lessons to learn in this lifetime.

Karmic 13/4  Lifepath
One of the things Donald Trump is learning in this lifetime is how to be disciplined and focused and his real estate empire is a testimony to how much emphasis he has put on his career and the hard work he has put in to achieve it. Many successful people have this number simply because they have no other choice but to work very hard to achieve anything.

13/4s must follow the rules and work within the limitations of their life. If they break the rules, they will get caught and be held accountable. Donald’s chart indicates that there is strong emphasis on this Karmic lesson especially in his later years. In fact, Donald Trump also has a 4 Challenge he is working through at the moment. If the reports of his unfair business practices such as Trump University, cheating small business owners out of payment, refusing to release his tax returns and having 3500 lawsuits against him are any indication, it is safe to assume he has a long way to go when it comes to following the law of the land and dealing with this challenge. People with a 4 Challenge either follow the law to a T or break every rule there is. On some level, perhaps he feels he is above the law.

The 13/4 also suggests that Donald Trump is learning the power of his words. It is important for a 13/4 to think before they speak and to use their words wisely. They must avoid being judgmental, critical or hurting others with their words which I suspect is a lesson Donald Trump still needs to learn.  He does suffer from “open mouth insert foot” syndrome and his Twitter account is a testimony to his inability to filter what he says.  Some of the other negative attributes of the 13/4 is blaming everyone, having a “know it all” attitude, being stubborn and complaining about everything.

Karmic 14/5 Day of Birth and 14/5 Expression
The 14/5 was not responsible in some way in a past life and selfishly made choices that infringed upon someone else’s freedom.
This Karma also can be the result of overindulgence in a past life.  People with this number in their chart must be cautious of addictions stemming from over-eating, drinking, drugs, smoking or even being sexually promiscuous. They usually have difficulty holding on to a relationship, often due to infidelity. They have difficulty focusing, being self-disciplined, making a commitment and can become overly emotional when they do not get their way.

Donald Trump also has a 16/7 in his Numerology Chart. This Karma is often associated with “rise to fall”. It is important for a 16/7 to be humble which I think most people would agree is not an adjective for Donald Trump. Where this Karma is placed in his Numerology Chart mostly affects the relationship sector. It can serve as an explanation for his many failed marriages.

Can he win?
Donald Trump is in an 8 Pinnacle and this is the catalyst for a Karmic Reckoning of epic proportions. Whatever karmic debt he owes will be collected in this Pinnacle. This Presidential election has served to expose his unethical side and if he is responsible for any wrong doing, he will be held accountable.

The Election will be held on November 8th which is another eerie symbolism of “what goes around comes around.’ He will be in a 4 Personal Month and numerically speaking a 4/8 combination is not a good thing. Debts that are owed will be collected on that day.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yo, Kayne, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but I just got to say …

Within 1 week, you have managed to set off a virtual shit storm proclaiming to be 53 million dollars in debt, asking Mark Zuckerberg for a billion dollars and insinuating Taylor Swift would not be famous if it weren’t for you.

Kayne, listen to me, you and every person on the planet who has an 8 Expression will eventually deal with some type of financial difficulty. It is written in your stars just as much as your musical ability and artistry. The truth is you are destined to make more than enough money but you are also being held accountable for how you spend it. Next time you purchase a something “over the top extravagant,” I suggest you make sure you can afford it.

I also have some bad news for you Kayne; it is not going to get any better. 2018 is going to be a very difficult year for you. I see some karma coming your way which begins in 2017 and I expect your shining star to fall.  And as much as I hate to tell you, I do not see your marriage lasting either.

Now I do not have any other explanation for your over-inflated opinion of yourself other than the the fact you were born with great ambition and rather than being happy for someone else’s success, negative 8s sometimes feel jealous and competitive. You need to work on that Kayne.

Best of luck with the ride you are on Kayne and I expect we all will be witness to your ultimate train wreck soon enough.

Kayne Omari West 6/8/1977 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Predictions

2016 A 9 Universal Year: The Year of Extremes
 “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us….” Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Number 9
Positive traits:  Humane, compassionate, tolerant, forgiving, charitable, intuitive, fair, ethical, insightful, authoritative, natural leader, creative, astute, spiritual, benevolent, loving.
Negative traits: Resentful, critical, intolerant, self-righteousness, stubborn, judgmental, impersonal, suspicious, hateful, vindictive, lack of integrity, over-emotional, prejudiced.

Every number in Numerology has positive and negative qualities. The Number 9 is one of those numbers that is all or nothing.  It is the number of extremes either displaying the positive qualities of the 9 or the negative and nothing in between.  A 9 has the capacity to either save the world or destroy it. We can look to examples of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, both 9 Lifepaths, for selfless service to others and an example of true humanitarians. We can also look at the darker side of the 9 by examples of Heinrich Himmler, Ayatollah Khomeini and John Wayne Gacy who were also 9 Lifepaths. In 2016, we will be witness to the best and the worst humanity has to offer and on some level, we already sense this.

No other year can unite humanity in a common cause as much as a 9 Universal Year.
World leaders are working together to combat the global terrorist threat from ISIS. The number 9 stresses international and the potential for war. A war on terror is a war nonetheless. The fact ISIS is basing its actions on religious ideology is very much in alignment with the Number 9 because it stresses our religious beliefs. It makes it a more difficult war to fight. Besides the threat of ISIS, other conflicts between countries have the potential to flare up.  Conflicts will not only be fought on the ground but also through computer hacking. We are entering an age of cyber terrorism where computers and the Internet connect the world.

Many of us look at the 2016 Presidential Election as a reflection of the worst and the best candidates America has to offer. It is unfathomable that a presidential candidate could insult people, incite racism and fear but that is exactly what is happening. As 2016 progresses, the contrast between ideologies and candidates will become even more apparent and we will witness fanatical support on each side. 2016 will push the boundaries of human emotion.

The 9 Universal Year stresses letting go of what no longer serves our greatest and highest good and sometimes in order to do so, we need to identify what we need to release. We have to come to a decision by making observations and comparisons of good and evil, light and darkness, love or hate. 2016 will show us the contrasts. What will humanity choose?

The 9 brings completion and will even influence global economies that are unstable as well as governments that no longer function. The rise and fall of both have already begun but 2016 will bring about the finality, the ending, the culmination.

In 2015, the United Nations Climate Change Conference took place but 2016 will demonstrate how important this meeting was as we will experience extremes in weather. Storms will be described as the “strongest ever recorded.” The Universe is about to place emphasis on our obligation to take care of the planet we all live in.

To use the energy of the 9 Universal Year in a positive way, we must refrain from prejudice and be compassionate to our fellow brothers and sisters no matter what their religious beliefs are. We must choose to be tolerant, non-judgmental, charitable and forgiving in order for a 9 Universal Year to reward us.  2016 will be revolutionary when it comes to civil rights and human rights. It will also offer us many opportunities to help our weaker brothers and sisters.

2016 will be a turning point and although it may seem tumultuous, it is very necessary in order for mankind to evolve. We simply have to trust in the Divine plan and know that in order to change the world; we have to go through change itself.  As we close doors in 2016, we need to remind ourselves to turn around and look forward to 2017. We need to trust the process that in order to begin there must be an end.

Other Predictions
This will be a year that places emphasis on our religious beliefs and will also allow us to become more spiritually in touch. It is a year to expect miracles, signs and messages and greater awareness.
Texas, the Carolinas, the East Coast and California can expect severe flooding. Flooding will cause dams to be breached and there will be mudslides in California.  Cyclones and Super Typhoons will be especially dangerous and although our Atlantic Hurricane season has been mild, 2016 will be more active. The East coast is already experiencing an unusually mild winter while the western half of the United States is snowy and cold. The East Coast is not off the hook as there will be at least one major Nor’easter.
Weather will be extreme in 2016, breaking records and we will be hearing the words “super storm” used often.  
The Planet:
Mother Nature is trying to get our attention that we need to take care of this planet we all live on and it has to be a global effort. We will be seeing the effects of climate change by extreme weather but we also will experience ever increasing intensity of earthquakes. We also will be discussing meteors, asteroids and solar flares in 2016. 
Police Brutality
This issue is not going away and more and more videos and news stories about police brutality will be in the headlines. There will be an incredible focus on civil rights next year and we can expect major incidents which can once again spark protests and demonstrations.
I also think our prisons will receive a great deal of attention, whether it is the release of non-violent prisoners or prison reform itself.
Unfortunately crime is on the rise and in 2016, it will continue to escalate. Murder rates will rise. Sadly, we will hear of mass shootings on college campuses and in our schools. This will prompt heated discussion over gun control.
 Lowered oil prices have caused the destabilization of the economies in many countries. We will be seeing a wave of defaults in payment of loans and money will not be as easy to borrow. This is going to place a great deal of stress on major banks. Deutsche Bank, the German global banking and financial services company is vulnerable.
Europe, China and Japan’s economies will be most at risk. The US stock market will still experience volatility.
August is an important month to watch.
Specific Companies: Economy
Dunkin Donuts, Lumber Liquidators, Walmart, Kohl’s, Penney’s, and Sears will not have a good financial year.
Clash of Ideologies:
No other year is going to emphasize differences in beliefs as much as 2016 especially when it comes to religious beliefs.
Planned Parenthood is the largest single provider of reproductive health services including abortions and religious groups will continue to actively fight against abortions making Planned Parenthood their major target. In 2016, this already volatile issue will lead to greater discussion and potentially violence.
Human Rights
One of the major themes of 2016 will be human rights. Non-discrimination is a major part of human rights and we will be witness to both discrimination itself as well as fighting against discrimination.
We will become painfully aware of the needs of the less fortunate: the homeless, elderly and the sick and hopefully it will strike a chord of compassion in us all. It should be a significant year for charities.
A natural disaster or something war-related could be the catalyst for our taking action to help those in need.
Bill Cosby has decided to sue some of the women who accused him of sexual assault and we will be hearing a lot about this in the upcoming year. 2017 will be his reckoning and not in a good way.
Justin Bieber is in for a tough year in 2016. It could be health related but more than likely he breaks the law again and this time, he will not be able to get away with it. The sooner he realizes he has to follow the rules, the easier his life will become.
Rosie O’Donnell has been experiencing family problems, most notably just going through a divorce and dealing with her estranged daughter. The problems with her family will continue.  Her Numerology Chart shows a difficult start to 2016. It is also possible that she may create controversy or be drawn into it by way of her past with Donald Trump.

Alison Baughman first discovered Numerology as a child, studied it for a lifetime and began her professional career as a Numerologist in 1999. Today, Alison is a professional Numerologist, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, author, lecturer, and radio personality. She is the author of the highly rated book on Numerology “Speaking to Your Soul Through Numerology” available at
 If you are interested in more predictions on 2016, information, or to schedule Alison for an interview, please visit  or email Alison at

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Numerically Speaking: Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election

If a person has been successful enough in life to propel them to run for the Presidency, you can rest assured that they have a powerful Numerology Chart. This makes deciphering the numbers and determining the winner quite challenging, especially when the field of candidates has not been narrowed down. I will focus upon the front-runners for now and will revisit this after the Democratic and Republican Conventions. I do believe this list represents the serious contenders.

R-Donald Trump
Not going to happen.
Donald Trump’s major nemesis in the upcoming year is his combative nature and his inability to edit what he says. He will be going into a 2 Personal Year which does not allow for arguments and confrontations and that type of behavior will be his undoing in 2016 unless he has a personality makeover which is highly doubtful. His Challenge Number tells us that he does not take criticism lightly and he clearly has shown his vulnerability in this area. In 2016, he cannot act with retribution and argue with anyone who critiques him because doing so will cause him far greater problems.
He has so much Karma in his Numbers that I do not know where to start but I can tell you that he is learning the power of his words in this lifetime. He suffers from “open mouth, insert foot syndrome.” I began writing this before he made the statement to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and he is already receiving backlash.
Given what I see in his Numerology Chart, it is unlikely he will become the next President, in fact, I would guarantee it.  With that being said, the fact that he is an unconventional candidate who is quite popular should send a message to politicians that the American public are quite fed up with status quo. For that reason, Donald Trump does serve a real purpose.
We are entering a 9 Universal Year in 2016 and the 9 goes to extremes, often reflecting the best and the worst humanity has to offer. I believe Donald Trump reflects the latter.
The energy in his chart is not supportive at pivotal times this year being the Republican Convention, Election Day and the Inauguration Day. I think his bid for the Presidency will end in July.
If, for some miracle, he is the nominee for the Republican Party and runs against Hillary Clinton, she will win.

D-Hillary Clinton
It is time to finish this.
Hillary should be sending a really nice gift to Donald Trump for making her look like the lesser of two evils. When your greatest opposition can be “his own worst enemy”, you just have to stay the course and look relatively competent. Hillary is not only experienced but also very capable.
There is great intensity in Hillary’s chart suggesting closure on something very important in her life. It certainly could be the loss of a loved one but if we apply it to her career, it could be the final run at the Presidency. She is an a 9 Personal Year in 2016. Her Essence Number is a 5 which suggests change in job and quite frankly, could be change in address such as moving to the White House.
There is no question Hillary has a difficult road ahead during the campaign but she has stellar energy present in her chart on Election Day which is a 1 Personal Day for her and also on Inauguration Day which is an 11 Day for her.   I would say there is a very good chance Hillary will be our next President but I withhold a final decision until I see who she is running against.  I can tell you that her Numerology Chart is far more supportive of success this time around as compared to her chart the last time she ran for President.

R-Marco Rubio
Move over Donald.
 Marco will rise in the polls before it is all said and done but it still looks as though 2016 will be a very trying year for him.  He has a good chance of overtaking Donald Trump’s popularity. There are quite a few positives in his chart. I think he will get the Republican Nomination.
He will be in a 6 Personal Year in 2016 which matches his Lifepath Number and usually when you have that kind of configuration, it is an important year in your life. During the Republican Convention, he will be in a 4 Personal Month which usually slows down momentum. Having an 8 for your Personal Month Number in November during the election is a very good thing but on the actual Election Day, it will be a 16/7 Personal Day for him which often represents “rise to fall”. March will be a pivotal month to see if he moves forward with his bid for the Presidency.
It is interesting to note that Marco Rubio has many similarities in his chart to George Bush who was a 6 Lifepath and won the Presidency in his 6 Personal Year. The Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio which is also a 6 vibration.

D-Bernie Sanders
Sorry Hillary, he has a good chance.
Bernie Sanders also has several positive markers in his Numerology Chart at the moment. He will be in an 8 Personal Year in 2016 which should give him recognition and opportunity for greater success. I expect his campaign will take a more serious turn in 2016.   His age is 74 (7+4=11) which suggests there is something important about 2016 and the 11 Master Number puts him in the spotlight. On Election Day, he will be in a 1 Personal Month but the day is not as supportive because it is a 9 Personal Day for him. On Inauguration Day, he has an 8 Day which signals recognition for your achievements. If for whatever reason Hillary does not win the Democratic Nomination, Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Candidate. .

R-Ted Cruz
Don’t underestimate him
He is another candidate that has the potential to pull ahead of the pack and his Numerology Chart also presents a threat to Hillary Clinton.  He is in a 1 Pinnacle which allows a person to rise to the top regarding career. His 1 Pinnacle and 1 Maturity Number suggests leadership. He has very supportive energy at the time of the Republican Convention, Election and Inaugural Day if he makes it that far. February is a key month to watch.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Observations from the Mall

Do you want a seat to the greatest show on earth?
All you need to do is spend an hour eating a Cindy's Cinnabun in the center of a crowded mall on a Saturday night. Now maybe I was just all jacked up from all that sugar in a frosted cinnamon bun or maybe it was just my 7 Lifepath kicking in but I found this sea of humanity fascinating. As the various sizes, shapes and ages paraded by, I was having a mental conversation in my head of epic proportions.
It kind of went like this:

I saw a young male who couldn't be much more than 16 years old who had probably spent more time on his hair that day than I have in an entire lifetime. His hair was impeccable, dark black with dyed burgundy tips, and not a single hair out of place. He was dressed in skinny jeans and looked like he had stepped out of a fashion magazine. I could not help but wonder why he had to try so hard to look so perfect and it also crossed my mind that those skinny jeans had to be uncomfortable on a male.  Despite all the grooming he appeared very self-conscious  In my head I was reassuring him "You are already perfect."

Shortly after I saw a young woman in her 20s who had a decidedly bigger butt than what is considered beautiful but this lovely young woman had curve fitting jeans that accentuated her ample assets. In my mind I was shouting "YOU GO GIRL!"  It made me happy to see someone who was comfortable with her body and did not dress to hide it but rather dressed to flaunt it. I have to admit I heard Sir Mix-A-Lot singing somewhere in my mind.

There were so many young women with designer purses in the mall that I lost count and wondered what statement they were trying to make by having the purse predominately slung on their body so it would be seen.  Now don't get me wrong, they are beautiful purses but any sane person knows there is little difference between the 500.00 purse and the 50.00 purse except for the designer label itself. I wanted to ask " Does having an expensive purse made you feel any better about yourself?"  I do know from previous experiences and having a daughters who have expensive purses that you do get better service in stores. Maybe that is the point. I don't know. I admit I do not understand the lure of it all. My feeling is " Hey, if you want to make Michael Kors rich, then have at it."

Which brings me to my absolute favorite who was the little girl who insisted in dressing like a princess to go to the mall. Her pink tutu and sparkly shoes were adorable.  She did not care that no one else was dressed like a princess and she beamed at everyone she passed while adjusting her crooked little princess crown. She was oblivious to the stares of strangers and I cheered her on in my head by saying "Always be who you are and I am happy you know you are a princess, I also hope you do not change and grow up someday and start to worry about what other people think."
 Hopefully she will opt not to buy a designer purse when she grows up and is subject to peer pressure but instead, be totally cool with some sparkly hot mess of a purse that reflects her adorable personality.

You can learn a great deal from eating a cinnamon bun in the center of the mall on a Saturday night and sometimes your teacher comes in a tiny little package.