Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Am Not a Medium but I Play One on TV

Not so long ago as I was finishing a Numerology Reading for a client, he had an unusual request. He said to me " Alison, I know you are not a Medium but my Dad passed away last year and I was wondering if you could possibly see if you could get a message from him?"

Now I know I have intuitive talents but I prefer to focus on Numerology because that is where I feel I can be most helpful for my clients. It is also very important to me to be accurate in my readings so I tend to shy away from Mediumship where my insight tends to be hit or miss. Still, he had practically given me permission to fail and seeing he had no expectations, I was willing to give it a try.

I closed my eyes and asked his Father to come with a message for his son. Almost instantly, I saw a picture of a shiny Lincoln penny, clear as a bell. In my mind I was thinking "HOW LAME!" because, many psychics and mediums tell people that finding a penny is a sign from Heaven all the time. Really a penny???  I was frustrated.

I once again asked his Dad to give me a message for his son and immediately I got another picture. This time I got the image of  something we probably all did in kindergarten around President's Day. I saw a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln cut out from construction paper and pasted on a paper plate.
I was irked at that point and felt like a failure and I hesitated to tell my client what I was seeing but I heard a voice that said "JUST SAY IT."
So lame or not, I told my client that I was seeing a Lincoln penny and also the silhouette of Lincoln on a paper plate and I felt that the message was "one looked like the other".
Suddenly there was dead silence on the other line.

After my client composed himself, he thanked me for such a profound and amazing message and of course, I was not onboard with his sentiments. He went on to explain to me that his father looked like Abraham Lincoln and was not necessarily pleased about that because his father did not think Lincoln was particularly handsome. His son, my client, liked to joke with his Dad about this so every year when he sent his father a Birthday card, he taped a Lincoln penny to the card.

Oh yes , I was astonished.

There is a point to this story and hopefully it will help some of you who are working on developing your own psychic abilities. When you get a message, you have to trust in what you receive.  As soon as your mind steps in and tries to rationalize the message, or manipulate it, you are allowing your ego to interfere. Just be in the flow of the message without judgement.  Go with the message you receive without trying to interpret or edit it.
Yes Abraham Lincoln's "look- alike" and his son taught me that.