Friday, December 27, 2013

Your New Year’s Resolution Based Upon Your Personal Year Number

It is a beginning of a New Year and we all make our resolutions to try to better our lives in the upcoming year and my wish for all of you this year is that you resolve to be kinder, more loving and more tolerant of each other but do not forget to be equally kind, loving and tolerant of yourself. Be true to yourself and live your life joyfully by being exactly who you are. Celebrate your uniqueness. Love yourself with abandon.
Each day, resolve to greet each person you meet with respect and the same love. 
Know we all are on a Divine Journey and our souls have different agendas. By simply allowing, we show the greatest wisdom and love.

As you begin the New Year, I encourage you to spend a little time in thought. Focus on yourself.  Where do you see yourself in the future and how do you get there? What are your dreams and aspirations? It is time to set some goals about what you want to achieve in 2014 but please remember they do not have to be lofty goals. Too often we set ridiculously high goals and become discouraged and give up.  I want you to realize we can arrive at our destination taking one baby step at a time. Try to remember you are not in competition with anyone but yourself and ultimately, life is about being the best version of who you are. 

With all that being said, I will give you some suggestions for your New Year Resolutions based upon Numerology and your Personal Year Number. For those of you unfamiliar with Numerology, it is an ancient Divination tool founded upon the teachings of Pythagoras which uses your Date of Birth and Name at Birth to gain insight into your soul’s journey in this lifetime. If you do not know your Personal Year Number, you are welcome to visit this page which will give you an easy explanation on how to find it.

1 Personal Year: Resolve to be open to new opportunities and be ready to take action when they present themselves. 

2 Personal Year: Resolve to be patient and allow things to evolve. Good things come to those who wait 

3 Personal Year: 
Make your smile your most important accessory this year. Go forth and be creative and express yourself. 

4 Personal Year: 
Your resolution for 2014 should be “I will not procrastinate and I will be more efficient and organized this year.”

5 Personal Year: 
Resolve to step outside of your comfort zone and be more adventurous. Don't be afraid of making changes. 

6 Personal Year: 
Open your heart to give and receive love. Make your loved ones a priority. Know your kindness this year will bring you many blessings. 

7 Personal Year: 
Resolve to make a deeper connection to your soul this year. Meditate and look for insight. If life slows down, embrace it and know it is time to rest and rejuvenate. 

8 Personal Year:
You will receive recognition for your achievements this year but most importantly, take some time to reflect upon your journey that brought you to where you are. Acknowledge the goals you set and the effort it took to achieve them. 

9 Personal Year: 
Resolve not to hold on to negative attachments. Understand that this year represents a letting go of what no longer serves you. 

11 Personal Year:
Pay attention to serendipitous signs and messages and look for insight and guidance when they appear. 

22 Personal Year:
 Resolve to maintain a high degree of focus and discipline this year. Your hard work will pay off in the near future. 

I wish you Abundant Blessings in 2014!~

Monday, November 25, 2013

Predictions for 2014: A 7 Universal Year

2014  Predictions
A 7 Universal Year

I suspect we will have many revelations in 2014 which will bring to light information that was previously secret because the 7 is associated with uncovering the truth about things that are hidden. Could that mean there will be more Edward Snowdens and Wikileaks in the near future?  The answer to that is “more than likely.”

The 7 prompts us to question things on a deeper level and to discern what is true and what is not? Could this mean a mass awakening? Is it time to face reality? Will we begin to see beyond what we are told to be the truth? I suspect more and more people will begin to question status quo and begin to see a much clearer picture of our world and the deception in it.  Secret societies and institutions that operate behind closed doors and in a secretive manner may be exposed.  Conversations, thought to be private, may find a way to become public knowledge. Caught on camera scenarios, which expose the truth, will be common. Somehow, someway, the truth will surface.

The 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers. 2014 is a tremendously important year in regards to evolving our collective consciousness. We have been experiencing a massive expansion into all areas of the metaphysical and that trend will continue in 2014. We have seen spiritual philosophy make its way into the mainstream with television, radio and media. The 7 is considered to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth and that doorway will be pushed wide open next year. Awakened people who tap into that energy will experience a deeper connection to their soul. Spending time in nature, practicing meditation and yoga and approaching your life on a holistic level would be beneficial activities for 2014.  It is a year that emphasizes dreams, messages, psychic phenomenon, wisdom and our connection to the Divine.  People will begin to question “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of life?”  and hopefully will find the answers. Take some time in 2014 to pause from your hectic life and do a little inner reflection. Do not take things at face value, but rather, question something that does not resonate with you. Follow your intuition. One of the greatest gifts of the 7 is a deeper understanding of yourself and the world you live in.

People without a spiritual connection will experience 2014 to be more difficult. It has been said by many in the spiritual field that the energy we are currently experiencing on the planet requires us to evolve in spirit. Those who have been doing the spiritual work will be better equipped to handle the energy of the 7 Universal Year but those who have not will struggle. We may see many more people become mentally unbalanced and unfortunately that will translate into physical acts involving violence. Depression, loneliness, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse is likely to increase.  

The 7 has a strong association with knowledge, research and analysis. It may be a breakthrough year for scientists that could lead to the discovery of cures for diseases or other information of importance in the scientific fields.  Holistic health may receive recognition for its benefits and more people will seek out a holistic approach to their health issues.  It should be an excellent year for technology. On a personal level, taking a class or workshop or any form of education makes good use of the energy of the 7.
Unfortunately, the 7 is also strongly associated with water. The last 7 Universal Year was 2005 which brought us one of the most active hurricane seasons in history. Anything having to do with water like typhoons, super storms, hurricanes and floods will be a concern in 2014. Throughout the year, if you should find yourself in harm’s way because of a storm, it would be best to take heed of any warnings. This is not the year to tempt fate when it comes to water.

There will be a complete list of specific predictions posted on my website by January 1st

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Reality of the Number 8 and a New Jersey Housewife

Teresa Giudice 
The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I have always loved biographies which probably accounts for my fascination with reality TV shows. Although some would argue that there is nothing real whatsoever about reality TV, you can not take away that these are real people and their lives are on public display. 
*cue Melissa Gorga's song here *

I watched the reunion show last night which made me curious about Teresa Giudice enough to explore her Numerology Chart.  On July 29, 2013, Teresa and her husband Joe were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, bank fraud because of making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud in a 39-count indictment. The indictment also charges Joe Giudice with failure to file tax returns for tax years 2004 through 2008. 

I watched as Teresa emotionally stated on the reunion show that she does not understand why all of this is happening to her . Oh Teresa..... your Numerology knows why. 

Teresa is an 8 in her Expression Number and when it comes to an 8 , what goes around comes around. It is interesting that Teresa mentioned during the Reunion Show that she does not believe in Karma because this is all about Karma.
 8s are held to high standards when it comes to being ethical and the last thing you want to do as an 8 is a crime that involves money. Any poor judgement on your part will be rectified in due time and Teresa, unfortunately your time has come. 8s are meant to experience success in life and all that comes with success such as money, power and position, but in the process of achieving those things, you must always do the right thing. 
It is not unusual for people who have an 8 in a prominent position in their Numerology Charts to experience major reversals, bankruptcy and even difficult circumstances that need to be overcome. Just ask Martha Stewart, a fellow 8, who spent time in jail for insider trading. Truth of the matter is Teresa, you and Martha Stewart have a great deal in common.

Teresa's chart shows that this is an especially difficult year for her. Her Personal year matches her Essence Number which may not mean very much to someone with little knowledge of Numerology but to a Numerologist, that spells trouble. She has an 11 showing in her chart at this time and the 11 can bring sudden and unexpected happenings. It is very interesting that the indictment happened on July 29th ( 2+9=11). 
With all of that being said, on an emotional level , this type of energy is very difficult when it comes to anxiety and stress. My heart goes out to her. 

Teresa is a 6 Lifepath and that goes a long way in explaining her closeness to her parents and family. She is the mother of 4 beautiful daughters. The 6 is cosmic mother energy and there is no doubt how much she loves her children and that they are her life.  Teresa's cookbooks are also right up the ally of the 6 because the 6 places a huge emphasis on home, hearth, family and yes, even cooking.

If I had an opportunity to speak to Teresa, I would reassure her that no matter what is happening in her life at the moment, she will overcome it. She is the ultimate survivor. I would encourage her to understand that if you set goals and work to achieve them, money and success will follow but money can never be the goal. It is all about what you can accomplish. I would caution her about being competitive with others. I would tell her the only person you are competing with is yourself. I would suggest that she help others to be successful along the way. Yes, it is about reaping what you sow, so make sure you sow good things.
 I suspect Teresa will learn these things eventually without speaking to me. 

It is always fascinating to me when you are able to look at a person's life and experience and validate it through the numbers. It helps me to understand that every experience serves a purpose in our lives and that our souls planned this journey. If we can look at our lives from a deeper level, we can gain incredible insight and Numerology is the key to that understanding.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Numerology of a Ghost Hunter

                                                                    Lorraine Warren
Perhaps you recognize Lorraine Warren being portrayed as a main character in the recent hit movie "The Conjuring". Lorraine is a Clairvoyant who worked side by side with her husband Ed who was a well known paranormal investigator. They are founders of the New England Society for Psychic Research, est. 1952 , which is one of the oldest paranormal investigation groups.  Many noted movies such as Amityville HorrorThe Haunted and The Haunting in Connecticut are based upon their work. Lorraine has been a regular on the popular show Paranormal State. They have many books to their credit and have lectured across the USA and Internationally on the subject of hauntings. 
By now you are wondering what Numerology has to do with paranormal investigation. 
People, as well as buildings, have energy that can be identified by Numerology through the numbers. Whatever that energy is, draws to it experiences having to do with that particular number.
If you look at Ed Warren's Numerology, he was a 7 Lifepath and was born on the 7th and also had an 11 Expression. 
The 7 is the number the researcher, scientist, expert, and the teacher. A 7 always looks for the truth , asks the deeper questions and is drawn to the metaphysical because a 7 is deeply connected to their spiritual side. It is not unusual for 7 to experience paranormal phenomenon. Ed was also an 11 Expression and most 11s experience Déjà vu and spiritual experiences.
Lorraine is a 3 Expression and the 3 is strongly associated with psychic medium and clairvoyant. She also has an 11 in her chart. This validates Lorraine's abilities to see spirits. 
Most paranormal investigators began their journey because they have had a profound experience with ghosts or spirits. 
Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures had an experience where he saw a ghost and it is no surprise because Zak is a 3 Expression like Lorraine Warren. 
Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters is a 3 Lifepath. Grant Wilson is a 3 Expression. Ryan Buell of Paranormal State is an 11 Expression.  Dan Aykroyd , a UFO enthusiast and believer in the paranormal is a 7 Lifepath. There is a strong similarity with numbers and the appearance of the 3, 7, 11 and 22 around spiritual activity defies the law of averages. 
When you begin to look at house addresses where notable hauntings have taken place, you also see the same numbers appearing. 

The Lizzie Borden House  is located at 92 Second St. ( 9+2=11) 
The Congelier House located at  1129 Ridge Rd  is famous for being haunted and you can clearly see 2-11s in the address.  
112 Ocean Ave  . the location of the Amityville Horror also has an 11 in the address. 
Myrtles Plantation 7747  US 61
Sprague Mansion 1325 Cranston ( 1+3+2+5=11)   

The natural and logical conclusion is that you have 2 factors in a haunting. You have the people who are sensitives and have the ability to see ghosts and you have the building itself that is actually haunted. If you put all the ingredients together, you have the makings of a really scary but true life story like The Conjuring  interesting television like  Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Numerology of Paula Deen's Crisis

We are currently witnessing the career meltdown of American celebrity chef Paula Deen with accusations of harassment and racism.  People have strong opinions about Paula Deen, either loving her or wanting to crucify her. Because of the controversy, her celebrity status is dwindling and according to estimates, she has lost over 12 million in sponsorship and merchandising deals alone, not to mention the toll this is taking on her reputation and emotions.

There is an underlying cause and that can be found in her Numerology Chart.

 Paula Ann Heirs was born January 19, 1947 and that makes her a 5 Lifepath. It is no wonder that she has authored 14 books because the 5 is considered to be strongly associated with an author. Even more so, the 5 has a gift of communication and is often found in television, radio and media. Even her interest in food can be traced to the 5 energy because 5s have heightened physical senses and they derive a great deal of pleasure from food itself.

Paula is a 22 Expression which is a Master Number and this gave her the potential to build an empire, with international size and scope, which will be on this earth long after she is gone. She had the ambition, discipline and determination to work very hard to achieve her dream and there is no question that Paula did exactly that.

She also has an 11 Heart’s Desire Number and Personality Number in her chart. The 11 is another Master Number which can bring a person to fame. Often an 11 has a message to give which can inspire others. Certainly, Paula inspired many people with her love of cooking but I can only wonder if also this experience in her life gives us another message and one of a darker nature, that being one about racism.

Paula also has another number in her Numerology Chart that is most telling. She was born on the 19th. This is a Karmic Number which indicates that she is working out a lesson in this lifetime that stems from a past life. It is a lesson about abuse of power and it would tell us that Paula was a powerful person in a past life but she abused her power, made a selfish decision that may have caused another person to be powerless. It is not unusual for a person who has a 19 in their Numerology Chart to experience a loss of power or to feel powerless in a situation. I am sure this is how Paula feels at this moment in time with her kingdom crumbling.

Her Numerology Chart becomes more interesting when we begin to look at the energy that is influencing her life at this very moment. In January, on her Birthday, she entered a 16/7 Essence. This number is also Karmic and it is often described as “the dark night of the soul” as well as “rise to fall” and often when this number is present in a chart, there can be a very humbling experience. It is especially significant if it repeats itself for several years as it does in Paula’s chart. Ultimately, her life as she knows it will slowly dissolve and she will have to start over again. It is not unusual when a person experiences this energy to have their life slow down to give them more time to do some inner reflection. In the end, whether Paula knows this or not, she will be a better person for it. It is also a number associated with secrets, lies and deception and given the rumors, accusations and innuendos, this is not surprising. I suspect, in the end, the truth will come out.

Paula is in an 8 Personal Year which places a huge amount of emphasis on career, money and power and it is also a Karmic balancing year. Most people experience their 8 Personal Year in a positive way with financial gains and recognition of their achievements but if there is Karma to be balanced, the opposite can occur such as in Paula’s case.

The most important thing to take away from all of this is not to judge Paula. There is no right or wrong in this but rather, this is her soul’s journey and these experiences have been written by her own soul to help her consciousness to evolve. We can not judge something we know nothing about but we can honor her soul's journey. 

 Paula is a very sensitive and emotional person and I am sure all of this has taken a huge emotional toll on her. In many ways ,as I look at her chart, I admire the courage of her soul to plan such a tumultuous experience and I for one, will keep her in my prayers and hope that in the end, she finds inner peace and happiness.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Making Sense of Mindy McCready's Death

When I read the news of Mindy McCready’s death, I really did not know who she was but I did what most Numerologists would do, I looked up her birth information because I wanted to look at her Numerology Chart. It isn't that I have a taste for the macabre; just a desire to see what energy was present in her chart and find an explanation for her sudden and tragic death.

It saddened me to see the energy that was affecting her experience at the moment she took her own life. She was in a 2 Personal Year and also had a 2 Essence which would have increased her sensitivity and intensified her emotions , especially in 2013. This combination signals a very difficult time in her life ,clearly shown in her Numerology Chart, where depression and anxiety would have felt overwhelming. In all honesty, it would have been hard to stay balanced during this time. She most likely also felt discouraged, lacking direction and a feeling of being stuck.
Add to that, Mindy had a Y Mental and a Y Spiritual Transit at the time of her death which when translated numerically, signals a time of extreme loneliness.

As I read her biography information, I saw that she suffered from addictions and had a very volatile love life. She was a 5 Expression and a 5 always has to be cautious of overindulgence with the physical body. The 5 in her chart makes her a very physical and sensual person which gives explanation for her many love affairs.  She also had a 3 Hearts Desire Number and a 30 Birthday which did not help with her lack of discipline. Both these numbers have the potential to be impulsive and lack focus.  The gift of the 3s in her chart was her artistic ability as demonstrated by her song writing and success as a country singer. Still, with that being said, she was predisposed to addictions. 

I would expect if the truth be told, Mindy had a difficult childhood. She was a 9 Lifepath and they often do. It usually is related to the father figure but it often involved victimization of some kind. Her chart shows a lack of self-confidence and self-worth that originated in her childhood experiences. Yet, it was that very 9 Lifepath that gave her fame and international influence.

Even in 2008, during what appears to be a very dark time in her life, where she attempted suicide previously, difficulty was present in her chart in much the same way it did the day she ended her life.

If we were able to look at Mindy’s life from a soul level, we would be able to understand the courage of her soul and what her soul came to achieve in this lifetime. Numerology allows us to view this from a soul plane. She was here to work through many things, including relationships from a past life and her chart speaks of completion of some phase of the evolution of her soul. Her addictions were clearly written into her soul experience so who are we to judge what her soul was trying to learn from that experience?

People speak of suicide in such a way as to condemn that person for giving up and they suggest that it will only result in that soul having to come back to live that life all over again.
I tend to disagree. Death comes in many forms. The type of energy Mindy was dealing with at the time she took her own life would have been hard for any of us. 
 Truth is, Mindy wrote her experience as we all do.
The 9 Lifepath speaks of experiences with unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance for others and letting go. It also is strongly associated with spiritual teacher, whether you teach a great many people or one person at a time. I suspect we all could learn a thing or two from Mindy’s life.

Mindy was an old soul and I, for one, am in awe of the courage of her soul. She touched people’s lives during her life and I suspect will touch even more in her death. I believe in all my heart, this was her last go around and she is joining the Angels above as we speak.
God Bless you Mindy.