Sunday, July 19, 2009

Psychics Mediums and Things That Go Bump in the Night

I had the opportunity to attend a gallery event in Doylestown PA for a psychic medium named Joseph Tittel. Joseph has been a frequent guest on my Radio Show "Visible By Numbers" on BBS Radio. I have also had a personal phone reading from him so I was well aware of his abilities. During that reading he came up with indisputable facts and information that were so specific, there was no doubt in his ability to connect to the "other side". I , however, had never seen him in person and was curious about the whole process of mediumship.

As the room filled, I wondered what motivated these other people to attend. I assumed they lost a loved one and were they hoping to receive messages from them. I was grateful that I was not there for that reason. Yes, I have lost family members but distant ones and I never have experienced deep grief except when my dog Gus died. It would have been cool if Gus came through but I am not sure if Joseph could have understand his high pitched frenzied barking.
But I digress.

Joseph was introduced by his very charming partner Bob who explained to all of us the process of a gallery style event. Soon Joseph took the stage.
The first thing I noticed was Joseph's aura. I suppose I should mention that I see auras and his was vibrant. He spoke for awhile about his life and I enjoyed his humor and his public speaking abilities. Lets face it, you can be the most gifted psychic medium in the world, but charisma and charm goes a long way with your delivery. Joseph had both.

It was finally time for the readings and I observed an intensity in Joseph and you could almost perceive a switch being turned on within him. The pace of his speech quickened and with closed eyes, he began sharing the first messages of the night. Information comes to him in almost shotgun speed. Names, dates and very specific information flowed from him. His accuracy was nothing less than impressive. I also observed his aura intensifying.

I sat next to a man receiving a reading and he validated everything Joseph was saying. I watched the man closely and knew Joseph was hitting home with what he was saying.
Reading after reading and nodding affirmations and validations continued as the evening progressed.

I tend to shy away from using the words " a gift" as I believe people are gifted in many ways. Observe the love and caring in a Mother's eyes and you witness the gift of unconditional love.
Listen to music that feeds your soul and you realize people are gifted with incredible musical ability. Watch a dancer, an artist, an actor and you get my drift.
In the end, as the gallery event closed, I realized that Joseph did indeed have the gift of mediumship, though I never doubted it. It is a gift just like any of the others but he is extraordinary at it.

It was an absolute pleasure to witness him in action and for what it is worth, I would highly recommend Joseph as a psychic medium.

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