Monday, October 14, 2013

The Reality of the Number 8 and a New Jersey Housewife

Teresa Giudice 
The Real Housewives of New Jersey

I have always loved biographies which probably accounts for my fascination with reality TV shows. Although some would argue that there is nothing real whatsoever about reality TV, you can not take away that these are real people and their lives are on public display. 
*cue Melissa Gorga's song here *

I watched the reunion show last night which made me curious about Teresa Giudice enough to explore her Numerology Chart.  On July 29, 2013, Teresa and her husband Joe were charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, bank fraud because of making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud in a 39-count indictment. The indictment also charges Joe Giudice with failure to file tax returns for tax years 2004 through 2008. 

I watched as Teresa emotionally stated on the reunion show that she does not understand why all of this is happening to her . Oh Teresa..... your Numerology knows why. 

Teresa is an 8 in her Expression Number and when it comes to an 8 , what goes around comes around. It is interesting that Teresa mentioned during the Reunion Show that she does not believe in Karma because this is all about Karma.
 8s are held to high standards when it comes to being ethical and the last thing you want to do as an 8 is a crime that involves money. Any poor judgement on your part will be rectified in due time and Teresa, unfortunately your time has come. 8s are meant to experience success in life and all that comes with success such as money, power and position, but in the process of achieving those things, you must always do the right thing. 
It is not unusual for people who have an 8 in a prominent position in their Numerology Charts to experience major reversals, bankruptcy and even difficult circumstances that need to be overcome. Just ask Martha Stewart, a fellow 8, who spent time in jail for insider trading. Truth of the matter is Teresa, you and Martha Stewart have a great deal in common.

Teresa's chart shows that this is an especially difficult year for her. Her Personal year matches her Essence Number which may not mean very much to someone with little knowledge of Numerology but to a Numerologist, that spells trouble. She has an 11 showing in her chart at this time and the 11 can bring sudden and unexpected happenings. It is very interesting that the indictment happened on July 29th ( 2+9=11). 
With all of that being said, on an emotional level , this type of energy is very difficult when it comes to anxiety and stress. My heart goes out to her. 

Teresa is a 6 Lifepath and that goes a long way in explaining her closeness to her parents and family. She is the mother of 4 beautiful daughters. The 6 is cosmic mother energy and there is no doubt how much she loves her children and that they are her life.  Teresa's cookbooks are also right up the ally of the 6 because the 6 places a huge emphasis on home, hearth, family and yes, even cooking.

If I had an opportunity to speak to Teresa, I would reassure her that no matter what is happening in her life at the moment, she will overcome it. She is the ultimate survivor. I would encourage her to understand that if you set goals and work to achieve them, money and success will follow but money can never be the goal. It is all about what you can accomplish. I would caution her about being competitive with others. I would tell her the only person you are competing with is yourself. I would suggest that she help others to be successful along the way. Yes, it is about reaping what you sow, so make sure you sow good things.
 I suspect Teresa will learn these things eventually without speaking to me. 

It is always fascinating to me when you are able to look at a person's life and experience and validate it through the numbers. It helps me to understand that every experience serves a purpose in our lives and that our souls planned this journey. If we can look at our lives from a deeper level, we can gain incredible insight and Numerology is the key to that understanding.

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