Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Numerology of a Ghost Hunter

                                                                    Lorraine Warren
Perhaps you recognize Lorraine Warren being portrayed as a main character in the recent hit movie "The Conjuring". Lorraine is a Clairvoyant who worked side by side with her husband Ed who was a well known paranormal investigator. They are founders of the New England Society for Psychic Research, est. 1952 , which is one of the oldest paranormal investigation groups.  Many noted movies such as Amityville HorrorThe Haunted and The Haunting in Connecticut are based upon their work. Lorraine has been a regular on the popular show Paranormal State. They have many books to their credit and have lectured across the USA and Internationally on the subject of hauntings. 
By now you are wondering what Numerology has to do with paranormal investigation. 
People, as well as buildings, have energy that can be identified by Numerology through the numbers. Whatever that energy is, draws to it experiences having to do with that particular number.
If you look at Ed Warren's Numerology, he was a 7 Lifepath and was born on the 7th and also had an 11 Expression. 
The 7 is the number the researcher, scientist, expert, and the teacher. A 7 always looks for the truth , asks the deeper questions and is drawn to the metaphysical because a 7 is deeply connected to their spiritual side. It is not unusual for 7 to experience paranormal phenomenon. Ed was also an 11 Expression and most 11s experience Déjà vu and spiritual experiences.
Lorraine is a 3 Expression and the 3 is strongly associated with psychic medium and clairvoyant. She also has an 11 in her chart. This validates Lorraine's abilities to see spirits. 
Most paranormal investigators began their journey because they have had a profound experience with ghosts or spirits. 
Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures had an experience where he saw a ghost and it is no surprise because Zak is a 3 Expression like Lorraine Warren. 
Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters is a 3 Lifepath. Grant Wilson is a 3 Expression. Ryan Buell of Paranormal State is an 11 Expression.  Dan Aykroyd , a UFO enthusiast and believer in the paranormal is a 7 Lifepath. There is a strong similarity with numbers and the appearance of the 3, 7, 11 and 22 around spiritual activity defies the law of averages. 
When you begin to look at house addresses where notable hauntings have taken place, you also see the same numbers appearing. 

The Lizzie Borden House  is located at 92 Second St. ( 9+2=11) 
The Congelier House located at  1129 Ridge Rd  is famous for being haunted and you can clearly see 2-11s in the address.  
112 Ocean Ave  . the location of the Amityville Horror also has an 11 in the address. 
Myrtles Plantation 7747  US 61
Sprague Mansion 1325 Cranston ( 1+3+2+5=11)   

The natural and logical conclusion is that you have 2 factors in a haunting. You have the people who are sensitives and have the ability to see ghosts and you have the building itself that is actually haunted. If you put all the ingredients together, you have the makings of a really scary but true life story like The Conjuring  interesting television like  Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State.

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