Saturday, November 14, 2009

ROXY SPEAKS! Translating Wagging Tails and High Pitched Barks Through an Animal Communicator


After I finished my BBS Radio Show, my guest Vonita Bair called me. She explained to me that during the show, Roxy, my little Yorkie rescue, was trying diligently to speak with her.
Yes, indeed, a normally sleeping and silent Roxy, was sitting beside me during the radio show and barking up a storm. Vonita told me that she had promised Roxy to call me and set up an appointment so Roxy could speak her mind.

The day of the reading arrived and Vonita tuned into Roxy who quickly proclaimed " I have different food than the other dog and MINE tastes better!~" ( Quite true as Roxy dines on some pretty expensive food.) Roxy quickly told Vonita that her Daddy has been busy lately and something has changed. Roxy said Daddy created a bit of chaos in the household. (To validate, my husband was working in Missouri for the past 2 years and has recently finished the job. He is home all the time now and "yes my little Roxy" , he does keep us all hopping. )Roxy was concerned because she said it was her job to be my assistant and not Daddy's. ( not to worry Roxy, your job is safe). Vonita said Roxy had a funny personality and was very easy going which is so VERY true.

I asked Vonita to ask Roxy how her leg was feeling. Vonita had no knowledge of what had transpired over the past year. Roxy said "It was an accident" and she felt very bad because everyone was so upset. Roxy went on to say that the first Doctor was nice but it was the second Doctor who really helped her. Roxy also told Vonita that she had a hard time going to the bathroom because of her cast which she wore for a REALLY LONG TIME.
( My husband accidentally stepped on Roxy and broke her leg. We took her to our regular vet and she wore a cast for 7 weeks but the leg did not heal. She ended up going to an Orthopedic Vet and had surgery, putting in a plate to help her leg heal. Roxy was in a cast for almost 5 months.)
Roxy let me know that her leg gets cold and and I promised to keep Roxy warmer. Not surprisingly, the vet had told us that Roxy would be cold sensitive due to the plate in her leg.

I asked if Roxy was happy here with us and Roxy said YES. We had soft beds and toys and she was very grateful to be part of our family. ( Roxy was rescued from a puppy mill where she was nothing more than a breeder dog with no human love or contact).


Our other dog Pepper wanted to speak too and she immediately exclaimed " I have BIG FEET" . Vonita knew Pepper was trying to say she was much bigger than the other dog.

Pepper told Vonita that her job was to watch the house and everyone in it. Pepper told us she does not like traveling with us and that she gets carsick. ( a fact I know all too well ) Pepper said she would rather stay home and she likes the nice lady who comes in to take care of her. ( we do have a neighbor let Pepper in and out when we have to travel and Pepper likes her very much)

I asked Pepper if she missed Gus. Gus was alive when Pepper came to us but unfortunately he has since passed. Pepper said " No Mommy, I don't miss Gus. He is here all the time!~ Besides we have him in a box on the table!~

STUNNED ..I was simply stunned!~ We have Gus's ashes in a box on our TV stand.

Pepper went on to say " Mommy wasn't he HANDSOME!" ( Yes Pepper Gus was a most handsome dog and we always told him that ).
I have to say that I am leaving quite a few things out but Vonita's reading was nothing short of amazing to me but the best was yet to come.


Vonita told me Gus was there. My beloved Gus who I miss so much.

Gus told me that it was his time to go. He was happy for the time he had with us. Gus then told Vonita he had a special request for my husband and I. He said we could do what we wanted and he would respect our choice.Gus then asked to have his ashes buried with Sam ( my husband) when Sam goes.

This was truly an AMAZING SIGN from Gus. My husband and I had been struggling about where to bury Gus's ashes. We had discussed burying them by the cow pasture out back because Gus loved the cows so much. My husband had just recently said to me , he was not ready yet to remove Gus's ashes from the TV stand and apparently Gus had been listening and was giving us directions as to where he would like to be buried. Unbelievable!~

Vonita Bair is an incredible medium to the spiritual realm and this reading with her served to validate that love never dies, not even in the animal kingdom. Her ability to communicate with my pets was undeniable and I know that I will be a better parent to my "fur-babies" because of her. I also know I will have a greater belief that animals do indeed telepathically communicate to us and all the messages I receive throughout the day from my little girls are indeed their voices speaking to me. It was a wonderful experience and I thank Vonita wholeheartedly for her generosity of spirit and keeping her promise to Roxy that she would arrange a reading if Roxy would only remain quiet for the rest of the radio show.
And Finally..Thank you Gus . Daddy and I love you and miss you.

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Susan Rickard-Kellick said...

Dear Alison, I really enjoyed that blog. How wonderful to know that your beloved Gus is still around in spirit.