Friday, September 5, 2014

When it is Your Time: The Numerology of Joan Rivers and Robin Williams

Just so you know, I did not write this blog to sensationalize the death of Joan Rivers or Robin Williams. They should be remembered as the shining stars they were, for the amazing lives they lead and for the contributions they made to the world of comedy. This article is meant to explore their Numerology and the numbers that were influencing them around the time of their deaths.

Joan Rivers was a 3 Lifepath and there is a long line of great comedians with that number in fact, Robin Williams was born on July 21st (2+1-3). They are in good company with fellow 3s: George Carlin born May 12th (1+2=3), Bill Cosby born July 12th (1+2=3), Rosie O'Donnell born March 21st (2+1=3) and Eddie Murphy born April 3rd.
 People with 3s in their Numerology Chart have a great sense of humor and the gift of expression.

Robin Williams had numbers in his chart that made him extremely vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression. He was a brilliant comedian but also was very sensitive. He was an 11/2 Hearts Desire and a 2 Personality. I am sure he struggled to find balance.

At the time of their deaths, both Joan and Robin's ages added up to the number 9. Joan was 81 and Robin was 63. Both also had the number 9 present as their Essence Number. In Robin's case, all of his Transit Numbers were 9. For those of you not familiar with Numerology, Essence and Transit Numbers come from the letters in our name at birth and they influence our experiences on a year to year basis.
The 9 becomes significant when we understand its meaning. The 9 represents endings and completions and a letting go of something of importance in our life.  It can represent a myriad of all different kinds of endings that happen to all of us in life such as loss of a job, ending a relationship or in some cases, death.When a 9 is present in a person's chart we can not assume it means death, but it is a possibility. When a person dies and 9s are present in their Numerology Chart, you can be reassured that the soul planned their departure from the physical world at that time.
No one can predict death using Numerology because you can never be 100% certain, but when it does happen, usually the signs are there.

In 1974, a book written by Numerologist Kevin Quinn Avery gave advice for when you have double transit numbers in your chart.
O,O transits "prone to heart attack or serious disorders pertaining to the heart"
At the time of her death, Joan Rivers had O,O Transits and the news reported she suffered a cardiac arrest during an elective procedure.
I think that is enough said.

 The ability to make people laugh is a priceless gift. Joan Rivers and Robin Williams were incredibly successful at it. Still, all good things must come to an end. I take comfort in looking at their Numerology Charts and knowing they planned their own  "Exit Stage Right".

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