Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's a Crapshoot: The Numerology of the 2012 Presidential Elections

Is the future of the next President of the United States already written?  Will President Obama serve a second term or will Mitt Romney take his place? Perhaps it is time to look to Numerology for insight.
Without doubt, in order to be the current President of the United States or to be the Republican Party’s Candidate, you have to have success written into your Personal Numerology Chart.  In order to determine who has the better chart for winning, you have to examine the energy that is influencing each of them at this particular moment in time.  Here is the breakdown of that energy.

President Obama:
President Obama is in an 8 Personal Year which usually brings about recognition, financial rewards and even a promotion in status. It is also a year of Karmic balancing so if there are debts that are owed, it is time to collect. Most people experience their 8 Personal Year in a positive way but the rewards given in an 8 Personal year are contingent upon what a person has done in the past.  So far this year, President Obama has been having a tough year. The question is, are rewards to come? 

President Obama is in a 16/7 Essence from age 51 to age 52. As much as I hate to say this, that was the Essence Number Hillary Clinton had when she ran for President.
The 16/7 represents “dark night of the soul energy” and quite often things do not work out as we had hoped with this energy influencing us. It represents a time of tearing down your current situation in order to move you forward to where you need to be. There can be a great deal of soul searching in this process. The promise of the 16/7 is that when it is said and done, you will be better off for the restructuring that is going on in your life. At some point, you can look back at this difficult time and realize it had tremendous benefits.

President Obama has a C transit currently. The C transit brings luck, optimism and hope and usually brings a time of self-improvement
President Obama has a K transit at age 52.  The K is an 11.  This is a letter of extremes. I see it as being a wildcard as it can either be good or bad and suggests multiple scenarios for the future of President Obama in 2013.   It can represent a windfall and it also can create strange experiences.  The K is associated with change of residence, possibility of being led astray or cheated in some way and sometimes illness.

November is a 1 Personal Month for President Obama. This would suggest a new beginning or new opportunity. November 6th is a 7 Personal Day for Obama which suggests being quiet, contemplative and a need for patience.

President Obama is 51 years old. This adds to a 6 and the focus of the 6 is on home and family. It tends to be beneficial financially.

President Obama's Score 
8 Personal Year +
16/7 Essence  minus
C Transit  at 51 +
K Transit at 52 + and minus
1 Personal Month +
7 Personal Day minus
Age 51  plus

Mitt Romney:
Mitt Romney is an 11 Personal Year in 2012.  It is no wonder he is in the spotlight. The 11 often creates that experience.  It is also a number of extremes quite like the K transit I previously mentioned in President Obama’s Chart. Again, we have a wildcard that could be very good or very bad for Romney.  Historically, many momentous events have happened to people in their 11 Personal Year. 

Romney is in a 4 Essence which demands efficiency, organization and putting in a great deal of hard work. Usually a 4 Essence does not bring immediate financial rewards. 

Romney’s Transits are notable. He has a D Transit which suggests a great deal of hard work as I am sure a campaign demands. He has a T transit that often means change of residence and also complications in partnerships.  He has a Y transit which suggests a tendency for secrecy and not revealing the truth.

Romney is in a 4 personal Month in November. The 4 usually requires a great deal of hard work and can create limitations. Obama's 1 Personal Month trumps Romney's 4 Personal Month but November 6th, is a 1 Personal Day for Romney which means power and perhaps a new beginning.

Romney is 65 Years old which adds to an 11. 6+5=11.  As you recall, Obama was 47 years old when he was elected President in 2008. 4+7=11

Both President Obama and Romney are in a 6 Pinnacle which is usually positive for money and success.
At this point, when examining the Numerology Carts of Obama and Romney, there is no clear winner in my mind. I can see the positives and negatives in both their charts. 
Romney's Score 
11 Personal Year + and minus
4 Essence minus
T  Transit  + 
4 Personal Month minus
1 Personal Day +
Age 65   + and minus 

 With that being said, perhaps looking into Paul Ryan and Joe Biden’s chart might add additional insight.

Paul Ryan is also in an 8 Personal Year. It is time for him to receive recognition and financial rewards. As with President Obama, it is also a time of Karmic balancing. If there are debts owed, it is time to pay.
He is in a 1 Pinnacle and people tend to rise to the top of their profession in a 1 Pinnacle. It is a time of great success for Paul Ryan as clearly demonstrated by his current events. 

He has a P transit which is not necessarily good for financial but is more focused upon knowledge and learning. It requires patience and perseverance.  It also suggests a tendency for secrecy and not revealing the truth.
He has an A transit which indicates a new opportunity or an event that has significant effect on his future. Without question being the Republican Party’s VP Candidate would attest to this.

He is in a 1 Personal Month in November which suggests a new beginning or opportunity and his Personal Day Number on November 6th is a 7, same meaning as Obama’s.

Joe Biden is in a 9 Personal Year which would mean this is a time for endings and completions. It is possible that that could mean the ending of his 1st term in office and beginning a new one next year.
He is in a 9 Pinnacle which can be very financially rewarding as long as you work for the good of all and not for your personal needs.
He has a P transit like Paul Ryan. He is in a 2 personal Month for November which will require a great deal of patience.  Election Day for him is an 8 which suggests achievements and rewards.
Here it would seem that Paul Ryan has a better chart.
Time to dig deeper:

It is when you look at Michelle Obama’s chart that a clearer direction seems to take place. She is in a 5 Personal Year and that can bring about a great deal of change. Michelle made a great impression with her speech at the Democratic Convention and a 5 Year is an excellent year for communication and having people be very receptive to your ideas. 
 Michelle’s transits are troubling because it is clear that it is a time of endings for her and there will be a letting go at this time in her life.  Could this mean moving from the White House?  It is entirely possible but not a given. It could represent the loss of a loved one or something of that nature. There is a clear break in association at this time in her life but what those are exactly, remain to be seen.

Ann Romney’s chart also suggests changes in her life that could involve a change of residence but it also could relate to the constant activity and travel that accompanies your husband running for President. November is a 9 Month for her and that suggests an ending or completion. It could simply represent the end of the campaign or the end of her husband's quest to become President of the United States. 

Careful examination of all the Numerology Charts involved bring me to one conclusion and that is that there is no conclusion, only confusion.  Unlike previous elections, I cannot clearly discern a clear winner. There seems to be positive and negative present where one person's luck is cancelled out by their partners.  I would lean towards Obama being re-elected if it were not for Michelle Obama's Chart and the 16/7 Essence he is currently in.  I have stated before that with this being a 5 Universal Year, we may be shocked or surprised by the outcome of this election.  There certainly is the possibility of another “hanging chad” situation such as the Gore/Bush election in 2000 where the winner was not immediately known. There also could be some deception regarding the election. 

At this point, I look in my "Divination Toolbox" for a different opinion and I notice that according to Chinese Astrology, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon which does not help Paul Ryan at all.  It neither helps nor hurts Obama, Biden or Romney. 
 2013 is the Year of the Snake.
Obama is an Ox and they get along famously with the Snake so 2013 should be an excellent year for him.
Romney is a Pig and unfortunately, Snakes and Pigs are mortal enemies. 2013, whether President or not , will be a bad year for him.

Yes I know, I didn't give you a clear answer because I couldn't and that is exactly my point. It is not clear to me. 
Your guess is as good as mine. 
So excuse me as I grab some dice.....


Roberta Mcanany said...

I wonder if you would have looked into the january charts it would have made a difference, since the changes of office take place then. everything you charted marked the stress of campaigning.. very awesome looking at it from that perspective.

Roberta Mcanany said...

looking at this from the perspective of the end to the campaign, its very accurate. the actual change would have taken place in january such as change in power, etc. i wonder if you would have included january, would that have made a difference?