Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Love Thyself with Abandon

Before you can become enlightened, you must discover who you are. Before you can heal the world, you must heal yourself.  Before you can nurture the spirit of others, you must nurture yourself. Before you can give love, you must know love. Before you can know love, you must learn to love yourself.

Being self-sacrificing is a noble trait but very often, not the healthiest. There has to be a balance of giving and receiving of love. Too often self-sacrificing people are more comfortable giving than receiving.  If this tendency goes unchecked, the end result is an overwhelming sense of burden and emptiness. Your own spirit has not been nurtured. Your dreams and aspirations have been set aside and your talents have gone underdeveloped. If you constantly deny your needs and do not nurture your own spirit because you are so consumed by taking care of others, at some point, your life will begin to feel barren.

 A self-sacrificing person believes their happiness is derived by the happiness of others but when it is all said and done, you have not discovered what really makes you happy.  The self-sacrificing person might be better served by turning their nurturing spirit on themselves and by doing so, create a better vehicle of love.  There is strength in self-love because if you take care of you, you are better able to take care of others. 

The root cause is born of a caring and compassionate heart which finds joy in being of service to others. On some level, it feels good to be needed. In some cases, a person can actually feel useless unless there is something or someone to take care of. That would imply a lack of self-esteem or self-worth and also demonstrates that the person is far too comfortable giving love and not so comfortable receiving it.   Still your most important lesson in life is to learn to also be of service to yourself.  You must learn to take those noble traits and turn them within and realize you need to be nurtured too.

This is why “loving thyself with abandon” should be your motto.  You must ask yourself “How can I take care of you if I cannot take care of myself? How can I make you happy if I am not happy? How can I heal you if I am in pain? How can I nurture your spirit if mine is depleted? How can I love you if I do not love myself enough to take care of me?”

And begin to” love thyself with abandon” so you can love them even more….

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