Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Numerology and 2012

Since the onset of the year 2000, the energy of the planet changed and with it, people have changed. No longer satisfied with conventional religion, people are becoming more open to spiritual ideas and philosophy or looking for alternative belief systems. The decline in organized religion is statistically proven and well documented.

Television and media, in the past, was not supportive of spiritual philosophy or anything connected to it. Now days, a quick glance of current television programming and you see shows that explore subjects that would have never been previously considered. There is no shortage of books, radio shows and websites that fully support a spiritual awakening taking place and a majority of them were created after the year 2000.

The new age movement is in full force even in the medical fields where scientists are discovering the healing powers of the human body. Holistic healing is becoming more acceptable and I have no doubt, it will become routine eventually.

You may have heard the term “The Shift” and understand it to be a new wave of human consciousness and I can assure you that the 2 which began its reign in the Year 2000 has everything to do with it. We have moved into a different kind of energy when we celebrated the New Year January 1st, the Year 2000. When this energy is present, you have two options; you either evolve with it or fight against it. If you choose to go against it, you will not flourish, in fact, you could potentially be destroyed by it.

Looking back, the reign of the 1900s brought with it a Karmic meaning. The number 19 in Numerology is translated to mean” improper use of power”. It was a time focused upon money, power and greed. It was a time of wars, dictatorships, and fortunes were amassed through industry. The 1900s were strongly influenced by the 1 which is very ambitious, aggressive and has a strong desire for money, power and success. The 1 is not concerned about the good of all but rather is focused upon the individual and looking out for its own best interests. You can see much of that transpiring in the 1900s.

Enter the 2 energy of the 2000s and the focus and ultimate goal of the 2 is upon peacefulness. It is a very spiritual vibration that promotes love and cooperation. Many people have experienced an awakening to this new vibration which can explain the desire to connect on a deeper basis to their spiritual roots. The energy has changed and it no longer supports the individual. It demands we work for what is the greatest good for all. We already are beginning to see dictatorships fail as well as the destruction of governments that were no longer supportive of the people. They simply can not thrive under the requirements of the 2.

The “Shift” is occurring and it began in the Year 2000. One can not be alive on this planet and not acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times. So many things are occurring in so many areas of our lives that it almost feels surrealistic. Our government is not working. Our economy is failing. Our way of life is not the same and things will continue to evolve until we are in perfect harmony with the number 2. There can be no other way. We must go through the changes. Power will change hands. Institutions motivated by greed will fail. Only what is in alignment with the peaceful, fair, harmonious, cooperative, loving, balanced energy of the 2 will survive.

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Judith said...

What exactly is harmony with the no.2? Great article, ty for sharing, hugs