Thursday, April 21, 2011

Numerology and the Lessons of the #8

Perhaps you have met her, the "boss from hell". She is so ambitious that most of the time she is scheming to beat out her competition no matter what that takes. There is a long line of people she has buried in order to get to where she is. She is so caught up in her own world that nothing or no one else matters. Adjectives like deceitful, manipulative, ruthless, abusive and condescending come to mind when you think of her. She places the All-Mighty dollar high on a pedestal and reminds you daily of how much her shoes and designer clothing costs. She suffers from delusions of grandor and getting to the top is her only objective and she will get there any way she can.

If you are an 8 Lifepath, and this is your boss, you have just been introduced to the person you DON'T want to be. You have just met one of the most powerful teachers you will ever meet and if you hang around long enough , you will be witness to her demise.

An 8 can never achieve success that way. Now your boss may tell you that if you stick with her, you too will be as successful one day but I am telling you now to run, run as fast as you can to the nearest exit. Don't let her tempt you to follow in her footsteps because I assure you her path is the highway to hell.

A true 8 knows that leadership involves helping people achieve their full potential while building an organization that is successful. Money is never the goal. Leaving a legacy of accomplishment behind is. An 8 is held to the standards of always being ethical and anything less than that will bring financial ruin. The proverb " You reap what you sow" applies to the 8 so what goes around will come around eventually. As an 8 Lifepath, you had better learn early in life to only sow good stuff.

Life has a way of testing your character. When you understand the energy of the numbers, you realize that each number has it's own "test of character" and lessons lie within each Lifepath Number. Your lovely boss is that lesson. Thank you evil boss.

Pour a glass of wine and get out that resume and start looking for a new job. Try to be thankful for the blessing of being introduced to your nemesis and what that experience taught you. Just know that someday when your paths cross in the distant future and her career is in the toilet, I will be somewhere saying " I told you so".

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