Saturday, May 22, 2010


Having a Destiny suggests that we all have Destinations.
Where am I going and what am I here to do? What is the purpose of my life?
Doing readings all these years has taught me a thing or two about Destinies.
Last night I did a reading for a lady who had spent years caring for her mother who had Alzheimers. It inspired her to write a book to help other people caring for a parent with this difficult disease. It was her Destiny.
Yesterday I also received a book from a wonderful woman who had lost her young child to cancer. She too, wrote the story of her experience to give comfort to other parents and deliver a special message on the afterlife from her son. It was her Destiny.
There also is the story of a wife who lost her husband to cancer and in the process of her grief, went on a spiritual journey only to discover the origins of her soul and proof of life after death. Destiny
One of the most memorable readings I ever did was for a young man who spent 5 years of his life addicted to heroin. Now a recovering addict, he had dedicated his life to counseling others with addictions. Destiny
The stories of these people's lives was, without question, validated by the numbers in their Numerology Chart. I can only imagine the discussion on Destiny prior to incarnation for these souls.
Who chooses to loose a child or to watch a parent slip away or bury a husband or to endure drug addiction?
Courageous souls do.
In the moments of our greatest darkness, we find our greatest strength. Adversity can be the greatest of teachers because through adversity, we often discover our Destiny. Yes, adversity itself is part of the journey.
Sometimes it is hard to understand the good in the difficult circumstances of our lives but every experience serves a purpose. We are in apprenticeship for the most part of our lives in preparation for fulfilling our Destiny. Eventually, you will be able to look back upon your experiences and fully realize their meanings and how you have always been guided because your soul has always been at the helm of your journey. Your soul planned your destination and also gave you all the tools you need to arrive there.
A caretaker for a parent of Alzheimers becomes the teacher.
A mother of a child who dies from cancer becomes the messenger.
A wife who lost her husband goes on a spiritual journey.
A drug addict becomes a healer.
Destination Complete.

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