Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When People Hand You a Crap Sandwich, Build an Igloo

People can be just plain mean.

No Matter how hard you try to live your life peacefully, eventually you will meet your nemesis and an arguement will ensue and hurtful things are said or even sometimes hateful actions are taken.

I always advocate trying to resolve the issue but sometimes,try as you may, there is no harmonious solution. You have reasoned with them, apologized, tried desperately to find an end to the arguement and it still is a massive problem. There really isn't anything else you can do. You have done your part. Your feelings are hurt. Your self esteem has taken a blow. You question yourself and want to crawl in a hole and die.

You have traveled the higher road but perhaps it is time to get on the Artic Expressway. What to do ? What to do?

Build an Igloo.

No not an actual igloo but rather an igloo in your mind. It does not matter how you build it, block by block or all at once. Just visualize it and when you have built your igloo, promptly place the offending individuals in your mental igloo. Yes grab them by the scruff of their necks and shove them in there!

Why you ask? Sounds pretty stupid doesn't it? I am going to explain right now.

When people get angry and emotional, the first thing they do is think negative thoughts which is negative energy. The more emotional they are, the stronger the negative energy. Then come the negative words and eventually the negative actions. These thoughts, words and deeds are negative energy and that negative energy is coming straight at you. They may live miles away from you but that energy still has an effect upon you. An unbalanced person that constantly thinks negative thoughts about you or wishes you ill can cause you problems that actually can manifest in illness or other physical effects.

Enter the igloo.

By mentally placing that person in the igloo, you are creating protection from their negative energy. You are in essence freezing them out of your life. Stopping them cold. You are putting a barrier between yourself and their negative energy. You are taking their power away to hurt you. You are also empowering yourself by disengaging from the vicious cycle of back and forth that can keep this negative energy flowing into your life.

It is a visualization but a powerful one.

When you place that person in the igloo, offer thoughts of emotional healing and love to them. Wish them no harm. Wish that they be happy and healthy and free from suffering and go on with your life knowing that their negative energy is frozen and unable to harm you in any way.

And if you happen to run across them, and they say something nasty or give you the evil eye, just hand them a pair of mittens and smile . You handled your crap sandwich..thank you very much.

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