Thursday, December 10, 2015

Numerically Speaking: Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election

If a person has been successful enough in life to propel them to run for the Presidency, you can rest assured that they have a powerful Numerology Chart. This makes deciphering the numbers and determining the winner quite challenging, especially when the field of candidates has not been narrowed down. I will focus upon the front-runners for now and will revisit this after the Democratic and Republican Conventions. I do believe this list represents the serious contenders.

R-Donald Trump
Not going to happen.
Donald Trump’s major nemesis in the upcoming year is his combative nature and his inability to edit what he says. He will be going into a 2 Personal Year which does not allow for arguments and confrontations and that type of behavior will be his undoing in 2016 unless he has a personality makeover which is highly doubtful. His Challenge Number tells us that he does not take criticism lightly and he clearly has shown his vulnerability in this area. In 2016, he cannot act with retribution and argue with anyone who critiques him because doing so will cause him far greater problems.
He has so much Karma in his Numbers that I do not know where to start but I can tell you that he is learning the power of his words in this lifetime. He suffers from “open mouth, insert foot syndrome.” I began writing this before he made the statement to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and he is already receiving backlash.
Given what I see in his Numerology Chart, it is unlikely he will become the next President, in fact, I would guarantee it.  With that being said, the fact that he is an unconventional candidate who is quite popular should send a message to politicians that the American public are quite fed up with status quo. For that reason, Donald Trump does serve a real purpose.
We are entering a 9 Universal Year in 2016 and the 9 goes to extremes, often reflecting the best and the worst humanity has to offer. I believe Donald Trump reflects the latter.
The energy in his chart is not supportive at pivotal times this year being the Republican Convention, Election Day and the Inauguration Day. I think his bid for the Presidency will end in July.
If, for some miracle, he is the nominee for the Republican Party and runs against Hillary Clinton, she will win.

D-Hillary Clinton
It is time to finish this.
Hillary should be sending a really nice gift to Donald Trump for making her look like the lesser of two evils. When your greatest opposition can be “his own worst enemy”, you just have to stay the course and look relatively competent. Hillary is not only experienced but also very capable.
There is great intensity in Hillary’s chart suggesting closure on something very important in her life. It certainly could be the loss of a loved one but if we apply it to her career, it could be the final run at the Presidency. She is an a 9 Personal Year in 2016. Her Essence Number is a 5 which suggests change in job and quite frankly, could be change in address such as moving to the White House.
There is no question Hillary has a difficult road ahead during the campaign but she has stellar energy present in her chart on Election Day which is a 1 Personal Day for her and also on Inauguration Day which is an 11 Day for her.   I would say there is a very good chance Hillary will be our next President but I withhold a final decision until I see who she is running against.  I can tell you that her Numerology Chart is far more supportive of success this time around as compared to her chart the last time she ran for President.

R-Marco Rubio
Move over Donald.
 Marco will rise in the polls before it is all said and done but it still looks as though 2016 will be a very trying year for him.  He has a good chance of overtaking Donald Trump’s popularity. There are quite a few positives in his chart. I think he will get the Republican Nomination.
He will be in a 6 Personal Year in 2016 which matches his Lifepath Number and usually when you have that kind of configuration, it is an important year in your life. During the Republican Convention, he will be in a 4 Personal Month which usually slows down momentum. Having an 8 for your Personal Month Number in November during the election is a very good thing but on the actual Election Day, it will be a 16/7 Personal Day for him which often represents “rise to fall”. March will be a pivotal month to see if he moves forward with his bid for the Presidency.
It is interesting to note that Marco Rubio has many similarities in his chart to George Bush who was a 6 Lifepath and won the Presidency in his 6 Personal Year. The Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio which is also a 6 vibration.

D-Bernie Sanders
Sorry Hillary, he has a good chance.
Bernie Sanders also has several positive markers in his Numerology Chart at the moment. He will be in an 8 Personal Year in 2016 which should give him recognition and opportunity for greater success. I expect his campaign will take a more serious turn in 2016.   His age is 74 (7+4=11) which suggests there is something important about 2016 and the 11 Master Number puts him in the spotlight. On Election Day, he will be in a 1 Personal Month but the day is not as supportive because it is a 9 Personal Day for him. On Inauguration Day, he has an 8 Day which signals recognition for your achievements. If for whatever reason Hillary does not win the Democratic Nomination, Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Candidate. .

R-Ted Cruz
Don’t underestimate him
He is another candidate that has the potential to pull ahead of the pack and his Numerology Chart also presents a threat to Hillary Clinton.  He is in a 1 Pinnacle which allows a person to rise to the top regarding career. His 1 Pinnacle and 1 Maturity Number suggests leadership. He has very supportive energy at the time of the Republican Convention, Election and Inaugural Day if he makes it that far. February is a key month to watch.

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